Friday, February 6, 2009

Worming my way into your heart....

Had a lovely time picking out Valentine's Day candy for Pebbles and Guy. I like finding nice chocolates from interesting places to share with them, so I toddled off to my stores to find them some stuff. This year it's Belgium, France, Africa and somewhere in South America. Should be interesting. Came home and put together a gift basket. Nothing fancy, but it was a lot of fun to do something girly and creative for a change. Everybody needs to get their Martha on sometime!

Had an interesting discussion with Bick about Valentine's Day. He commented while I was building the gift basket that for someone who says I don't care about VD, I do put a lot of effort into it. I said that this was just a chance to indulge Pebbles (and Guy) a little bit. Plus, I said that I've always had a little trouble with "it's the thought that counts" at Valentine's Day and that I'd just let it go. I'd rather receive nothing than the frilly heart of bad chocolates with a stuffed teddy bear tied with a balloon - which anyone who really took the time to know me would know that there would be nothing about that that would appeal to me. Guess I'm kind of a snob about that. Bick asked if I thought that he was a build-a-bear kinda guy and I said of course not. He said he was much more romantic than that. And he is.

Bick and I plan on exchanging worms for Valentine's Day. Nothing says love like a pound of red worms.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get Wiggly with it.


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  1. I've been feeling my Martha coming on lately. My son was born on VD 25 yrs ago this year. We mostly celebrate it as a birth-day and certainly no frilly doilies for him. Foreign chocolate shows diversity, style and taste! I like it.

    Yum, worms? For fishing I presume? Have a good weekend.


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