Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beatles, continued

SadieLuWho and I walked through what once was pasture land and enjoyed being outside and getting some exercise. I was trying to keep my shoulder stabilized, so I kept my left hand in my pocket - much the same way I'd kept my left hand on the treadmill bar the day before. Seems like any movement causes the durned thing to hurt even worse.

Oh, and The Beatles part is because I was listening to some Beatles compilation album that Pebbles downloaded for me. I missed Beatlemania by about five years and I've always answered the Beatles/Stones question in favor of Mick, but I certainly enjoyed my morning with the fab four and the dog.

We came home and Bick and I headed out on errands. Our soil sample results were in at the local nursery, along with every other person in the county who, like us, lost all their tomato and pepper plants to the weekend's late freeze. Crap. That was a mad house, so went about other business. I did buy some plants for the old sink that we will now use as an outdoor planter. Came home and planted that. Planted a couple of citronella plants for mosquito repelling. Don't know if that will work. Planted some more heirloom green beans - the last ones didn't come up. Beans have poor germination rates, apparently. Plus I planted one half of this year's okra crop and planted some radishes. I don't really care for radishes, but I'm going to try them roasted.

I harvested what will probably be the last of the chard. I don't know if it will regenerate itself anymore as the weather warms up, but damn, that's one fine green. It's cold hardy and less bitter than other greens. Love it!

That's it for the gardening news. In other news, Pebbles begins her move to her new place. She's pretty sad, as anyone would be. She feels like this is the right move for her, but it would be easier if she were angry. She's just got to get through this. I think her head is in the right place, but it is still painful.

And speaking of painful - Sandy was in town this weekend, but didn't come by nor did she return Bick's calls. Looks like I'm going to have to back completely away from this situation. She called wanting money a couple of weeks ago and both Bick and I complied. Bick in a much larger way, of course. No acknowledgment, no thank you, nothing. I think I may be done.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stabilize to avoid pain.



  1. "Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stabilize to avoid pain."

    Makes fantastic sense to me! :)

  2. The Sandy situation sounds classic - pay lip service to all the right things long enough to squelch the complaints, then fall right back into old patterns. Such a tough position to be in. You are wise to detach.

    I like to use radishes sliced thin in tossed salads. Too thick and they taste like dirt. Roasted radishes sounds really different. Be interested to hear how they turn out.


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