Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Check Up

The check up went well. I ended up with a shoulder xray and am awaiting results. He feels it's a bursitis flare up and I think he's wrong. We'll see. My numbers all look good and Doc still considers me one of his star patients. Said he tells other patients about me as an encouragement - that things can turn around in a big way. He also told me that I have excellent abdominal muscle tone and surmised that I must do a lot of core work. I told him that I only see him for the ego biscuits! He also commented that a good number of people my age are on some sort of prescribed daily medication, which I am not.

After telling me how healthy he thought I was, he:

1. wrote out directives to get my shoulder xrayed
2. " " an ultrsound of my thyroid (I have a benign tumor)
3. " " colonoscopy (bummer)
4. " " a more advanced bone density scan to see if my jaw issues are systemic
5. " " a mammogram
6. " " check my vitamin D levels
7. " " ovarian cancer check CA 125
8. " " regular blood work, complete metabolic panel, TSH test, full lipid panel.
9. Did an in-office EKG. Thought he heard a premature beat every 4th or 5th beat, but EKG was "stone cold normal".

I told him I was glad I was healthy.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get regular medical checkups.


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  1. I hope your shoulder is nothing serious. Sounded like things were great till he wrote out those orders. I still haven't had a colonoscopy. I am really bad about getting to the doctor. Bad history, blah, blah, blah.

    Thanks for your message today. I'm in a better place now. Your suggestion about my perfect Saturday got me thinking about good things and was a great distraction. I needed that today!


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