Friday, March 20, 2009


This has got to end somewhere. I am just the biggest crosspatch these days. Daayam. I'm hoping a change in time zones will help, otherwise poor Jill may just leave my bitchy ass in some out-of-the-way locale along the PCH during our planned outing tomorrow. And I'm sure Bick would reward her well for such a gift to the rest of humanity. Perhaps a little solitude will do my attitude some good. Hyatt Regency for the Soul, as it were. Excepting there is that whole work thing that I've got to do while I'm there. I'll be wearing the Sombrero of Hate, battened down with a Stampede Strap.

Feel like crap. Ate like crap last night. Feel even crappier today. Ya think? Sometimes I am just eat up with the dumbass. Now is one of those times.

Today I MUST go get a new phone and I've got a call into my doctor about my flipping shoulder which still hurts like a beast. And it all just sucks like shit through a straw.

Yea. Right. Whatever.



  1. Cracking up over here... Too funny. Don't worry, I won't abandaned you. I've been moody myself lately, so we'll be a pair. Maybe we can find some kind pedestrians to flip off during our drive.

    If this fog (literally) doesn't lift, we might just hit the dive bar like you suggested and drink our pissed off'ness away!! Screw 'em!!

    Can't wait...

  2. I'm so jealous! I want to drive the PCH with y'all! Sorry you're have a rough time. I'm writing this and you're already in CA. Have a damn good time, you deserve it!


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