Sunday, March 15, 2009


Got in a five mile run yesterday and it felt pretty good. Wasn't particularly fast, but that wasn't the point. Got outside and got in some good exercise.

Now on to questions:

I'm going to compost the CS, so I think I'll be okay with the ph. It's too hot to go directly on the garden.

The $2 chicken doesn't really cost $2. That descriptor is what Bick and I call the supermarket rotisserie chicken. We have one once a week, usually on Monday nights as I like to watch The Big Bang Theory, and it comes on during prime dinner cooking time.

I'm not actually "corning" my own beef. I bought a corned beef brisket at the supermarket and will use this recipe as a starting point. I usually mix up a little horseradish sauce to serve on the side. I'm thinking about picking up some Irish soda bread and Kerrygold butter at Central Market, but having bread around the house is always a danger for me. I love it too much! I'm not so good with the whole moderation thing.

Bick and I are off to peruse a couple of Mom and Pop nurseries this afternoon to find some stuff to finish out the garden, then it's back to chicken farming.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Find the answers.

didn't weigh today


  1. Thanks for the recipe.

    I love going around to locally owned nurseries. One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday. Hope you make some great finds for your garden.

  2. Thanks for the recipe link. I love that crazy show, too! Hope your Sunday was a good one!


We'll try this for a while.