Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It could be worse

It could be worse. In fact, I expected it to be worse. I finally crawled back on the scales this morning, only to be pleasantly surprised. Not as bad as I thought. Given my lack of exercise and lack of being really clean with my eating, the damage was minimal.

Tomorrow is Pebbles' birthday. In honor of that occasion, I am paying the mover's fee. She can hire the moving crew she uses for her work at a really reasonable cost and I jumped all over that. I'd much rather hire that out than do it myself. Totally worth it.

Physical Therapy starts this afternoon. While the orthopedist was optimistic, I am not. But I'll give the exercises a shot. Way to screw up the next six weeks for my life. But on the other hand, this shoulder bugs/hurts the hell out of me.

Goals for April: Exercise of some sort 5 days a week and chart food on fitday.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Things could always be worse.



  1. Having had PT for my shoulder last year, all I can do is offer you this: Take a bullet to bite on!

  2. Good advice from Carol... I went for about 12 weeks myself, but I ended up looking forward to it as I always felt better afterwards. So worth the massages I received, oohh they hurt so good.

    Happy B'Day to Pebbles and what a great gift to give, I mean receive... (good call on that one for sure!!)

  3. Wow, not bad for relaxed eating!

    Happy B-day to Pebbles! Moving is so not fun. What a nice thing to do for her. I'm sure this is tough on her.

    Take care of your wing! I hope the PT is the cure.

  4. Happy B'day to your Pebbles! Pretty sweet of you to cover the movers. Also a very good idea because you KNOW you'd be tempted to pitch in.


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