Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making a Case for Running

Yesterday I went to the gym at lunch. Being Monday, it was the day for new gym clothes. I got to the gym, pulled out my socks, favorite running skirt, sports bra and instead of a shirt, somehow I'd grabbed a pillow case instead. It was definitely a Monday. No exercise for me.

For further evidence of Mondayness, I somehow lost Mitzi in the parking lot of the Central Market. I came out of the store, carting the $2 chicken and couldn't find my damned car! Felt like an idiot. I was just about to report her missing, but I was sure, sure, sure that I'd locked her upon exit, when I stumbled upon her in an area of the parking lot I was SURE I didn't park her in. Forget what I said yesterday about the fog lifting. I'm still fumbling my way in the dark.

Made it home without further incident and headed to the neighbor's to clean the coop. Cleaned out the coop, harvested a few eggs (fresh eggs are amazing!), gave them some fresh water and just hung around watching them scratch. Later on in the evening, I took them over some kitchen scraps, but they had already gone to bed. Guess they'll have cabbage for breakfast.

Exercise plans for today include a run at lunch - still need to remember to take a top.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Know whether you've lost a bridle or found a horse.



We'll try this for a while.