Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stick To It

At the beginning of the year, I brought stickers to the gym. There are a group of us who exercise pretty faithfully. Some days these sessions are just a beating, so at the end of each workout, I pass out gold stars to each of these participants. It's silly. It's juvenile. And we are all getting some pride and pleasure in seeing our sticker collection grow. I've decided to deface my locker door with my stickers. My plan is to have this locker in pretty constant use until my far-off retirement, so it should be pretty f'n sparkly by that time.

Yesterday's exercise didn't go exactly as planned as I got a call from our organization's Chief of Staff who wanted to exercise with me. So we ended up walking up and down around here, very briskly, for about an hour. It was a beautiful day and it was lovely to catch up. I wish that I had a running buddy. It would sure make that more enjoyable, I think. Ah, well.

In other news: Bick's sister called last night and will be arriving TODAY for a four day stay. I've got a million things to do between now and my leaving for California on Saturday morning and a thousand more just got added. Sigh. I'll be so ready for the break, I think.

And on a completely unrelated note: I find myself so saddened by the death of Natasha Richardson. It's not like I was a huge fan or anything, but this feels very personal. It just proves the fragility of life - one day you are out taking ski lessons with your kids and the next, it's over. Worrying and fretting about these extra ten pounds or so pales.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stick to what brings you pleasure.


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