Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Warriors

Tena, who is doing some great things over at Shrink To Fit, wrote an entry this weekend about using food as a reward. Specifically, she was talking about how she sometimes viewed her weekend as "time off for good behavior". Her entry, along with some of the comments got me to thinking about this myself.

I, too, tend to lose focus on the weekends. Traditionally, I always log my lowest weight of the week on Saturday morning, as I do a pretty decent job of doing good things for myself through the week. And for the most part, as Tena noted, it's fairly easy to do. It's the weekends that derail me and I haven't figured out why, quite yet.

I don't know that I am using food as a reward on the weekend. I think I'm trying to do something else with it. Maybe it's leftover habit; maybe it's something else that needs addressing. Usually it's the later. My normal way of eating does not leave me deprived. It's not particularly restrictive, so I'm not eating for hunger, I'm eating for some other reason. I can't seem to narrow it down, so I'll focus on what I do on those weekends when it's NOT a problem and see if I can reverse engineer this puppy.

I'm less likely to eat in an unhealthful manner if I: (random brain dump - no order of importance)

1. Get up and get dressed. Don't just lounge around.
2. Including shoes (flylady totally changed my life - seriously)
3. Take care with my appearance when going to the grocery store
4. If I do 3, then I'm less likely to buy stuff that isn't optimal for my health
5. Indulge in a little retail therapy by grocery shopping at fancier places - i.e. going the Central Market for a few things. That store makes me feel like I'm taking such good care of myself! I don't buy our weekly groceries there, but I do wander in on occasion.
6. Going to any Farmer's Market does the same thing. Unfortunately, the biggest and best one is in Dallas. A bit too far for weekly shopping.
7. Spending time with Pebbles - always makes me feel good, but as a rule, I do not instigate such things - I leave that to her. Don't want to be intrusive.
8. Getting up and getting shit done. If I've got an agenda, then I'm less likely to troll for treats. (I think this is why the weekdays are better - I have built in structure and agenda).
9. Libraries - used to be bookstores, but I've given up acquisition as a hobby, so now I find lots of good vibey feelings by going to the library.
10. Socializing with others - I adore Bick, but it's good for me to expand my social circle.
11. If I start the weekend morning with some stretching (yoga), and a little bit of quiet, reflective time (meditation), I'm more apt to stay on track.
12. Making a list, literally, of the things I WILL do if I start to stray off.
13. De-clutter stuff.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I certainly will ponder this some more.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Examine your motives.



  1. Love this! #3 and #5 work for me, too! I've been pondering my own post and I think I agree with you that my weekend feasts are more like "time off" from the structure of the week. I've got more thinking to do on this.

    Thanks, btw, for the shout out!

  2. Nice post. Your ideas are good. I know I tend to eat more if I stay in my pj's, lounge in bed, and do nothing all day. The weekends are always harder when it comes to staying on track.


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