Monday, April 20, 2009

And in Financial News....

In my long-running quest to become debt free, I paid off another bill today.

Went to the gym at lunch and spent some time on the elliptical machine. I used the one without the moving arms, as my shoulder is ouchy from yarding around my big outside containers last weekend. I also used one of the new "stretching" machines to work on my hammies. I am so incredibly inflexible - even with the yoga stuff.

Weekend exercise consisted for an hour-long plus walk with SadieLuWho, during which we saw all sorts of flora and fauna. The Texas wildflowers, while appearing invisible when going by in a car, are beautiful from a dog-walker's perspective. We also saw a flock of domestic hens, two or three new calves, a couple of newish foals, some redbirds, a pot-bellied pig and, last but not least, our neighborhood grouchy emu.


  1. "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
    A beautiful day for a neighbor
    Would you be mine
    Could you be mine..."

    Roxie's neighborhood...beautiful from the wildflowers to the grouchy emu. :)

  2. Good for you...I am trying to get debt free too. Sounds like a nice weekend.

  3. Congrats on paying off the bill! I want to live in your neighborhood. It sounds perfect.


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