Thursday, April 23, 2009

August 9, 2001 - My first real blog entry.

I always like to read bio pages - it usually lets me know if I am going to connect with the journaller. One of two things has to happen if I hope to continue reading an OLJ: 1. the writer and I share a similar background, point of view, experience, etc. or 2. absolutely the opposite, as in the life they chronicle on the page is so foreign, so far from mine that I feel I might learn something, be challenged, be forced to expand my perspective.

I suspect if anyone reads me it will be for reason #1. I am an ordinary woman, living a real, ordinary life. I have no problem with the mundane, I just want to add an adventure or two.

So, here are some random facts:

I am 40.
I raised and showed horses for years.
I live in a rural town in Texas about 30 miles outside the DFW metroplex.
I earned an MBA.
I love Seattle, Santa Fe and New York City.
I have an 18 year old daughter named Pebbles.
I am married. Second time. 11th anniversary this week. Been together for a total of 15 years.
I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Washington.
I jumped off Aspen Mountain.
I kayaked with orcas.
I read brain-candy detective/mysteries written primarily by women with female protagonists.
I am an awful speller and my grammar is even worse. I know it. Please don't point it out to me.
Pebbles is leaving for college next Tuesday.
I am starting a new phase in my life. No, nothing monumental has happened, I am moving out of the mom-everyday-of-my-life phase to the mom-I-think-I'm-flunking-physics-and-I-need-more-money phase. I will have the luxury of time on my hands. Yoga, maybe? Journalling? Travelling? Oh, God, I hope so.
I believe in voluntary simplicity. I am moving in that general direction.

It's been a wild ride. I could have never predicted I'd wind up here.

Restorative yoga was great today. Last night's souvlaki was yummy.


  1. I wondered who Pebbles was. Intersting name, how did you decide on that name? Loved knowing alittle more about you.

  2. I'm having a hard time picturing an Orca kayaking. ;P

    This was fun. Nice to know you a little better. But what I really want to know is:

    Beatles or Stones?

  3. Pebbles is just a nickname that I use for my daughter on this blog. I was going with the whole "stone" theme - Roxie for me, Pebbles for my daughter, Sandy for "Bick's" daughter. Bick is my partner's nickname here and it came from the movie Giant, one of his favorites. We also call our homes Reata North (his and where we live) and Reata South (mine).

    Smart alec, Lee. Yes, they do kayak, but they have to have them special ordered. REI doesn't carry kayaks of size ;-)

    Stones! Was there ever even a doubt?

  4. I really nee4d to read more carefully. I saw 40, 18 yr old daughter and started wondering where the heck I was till I went back up and read the title. That line in REALLY BIG TYPE! Had me going Rox.

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