Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gardening: Version 3

I put the summer garden in yesterday, parts of it for the third time. We've had two late freezes that bit stuff, so I am hopeful that this is the last attempt. It is getting expensive!

My heirloom green beans are all coming up. Every one! And I've been eating the green peas raw out in the garden. I've got to stop that if we are every going to serve them, but damn, they are good. My chard is ready for harvest AGAIN! Gotta love that. It's been an absolute trooper in the greens department. I'll have more of it next winter.

We moved the big ficus tree out doors yesterday to it's summer home and repotted it. I planted my sweet potato vines in three of my outdoor pots. Plus, I wandered around with hyacinth bean vine seeds in my bra so that I could plant some of those yesterday as well. The bra trick is this - place the seeds you wish to plant on some damp paper towels. Wrap those up and place in a plastic bag and place the whole thing next to your body all day. Plant. Improves germination rates.

I planted the summer squashes, more okra and more tomato plants. I planted romas, plus two heirlooms and two blacks. I also planted purple, red, orange and yellow peppers - just because I can't say no to bright colored stuff. I have been looking for purple okra, but haven't been able to find it.

The radishes are coming up. I should have planted another row of them yesterday, but ran out of time. Maybe next week. Oh, and I planted more basil.

I'm going to try to do some of my other plantings from seeds I gathered last year - I don't know if they were hybrids, so my results may be disappointing, but hey, the price was right. I gathered okra (I'm planting these as ornamentals, just to be on the safe side), morning glory, moon flower, alyssum and something else I can't remember. Oh, well. It will be an interesting experiment.

I need to get out and take a picture of the planting in Bick's 1920's sink. It's doing really nicely, so far. Oh, and speaking of Bick, he's bought yet another sprinkler. This time a tripod device with telescoping legs. As we were heading to the cashier, he wondered aloud about just how much he's spent on sprinklers since moving into this house. I was thinking the very same thing! Oh well, he's the one that takes care of all the watering, so he can get whatever sprinkler toy he wants. It's a strange thing - he hates, hates, hates to weed. Will not pull a weed, but watering the garden he finds peaceful. I am the opposite. I get no thrill out of watering anything. It's boring. But pulling weeds gives an immediate sense of gratification. You can see results, etc. All this applies, except when trying to rid a bed of Bermuda grass. That makes me want to hurt somebody.


  1. I'm so impressed with your plan for and description of your garden. Had never heard of the bra trick. Lol!

    Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring

  2. Wow! What a bounty! I love picking beans right off the vine and eating them. You and Bick make a great gardening team. Would love to see pics!

  3. The bra trick made me laugh out loud. You kill me girl. These weather freakouts are killin my garden. Stupid Texas weather. I'm with Bick. Weeds bore me, but watering makes me calllllm like a baby. You two make a terrific pair.


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