Monday, April 20, 2009

New Exhibit at Hillbilly Haven

The weekend turned out to have an art theme. It was certainly unplanned. What started out as a hunt for two replacement trees (we lost a bald cypress and an oak this winter) turned into much more. We wound up at the Main Street Art Festival where we listened/watched some fabulous performers, ate some great food (but not too much), and bought a peppermill (mine is orange and red with stripes and polka dots, a giclee, plus a small print of Neil Young by the same artist as a bonus.

On Sunday, our quest for trees found us back down south, stopping in for lunch at Reata South. Upon arrival, I was presented with a garage sale find (signed by the artist) poster I'd been looking for. (This is not the exact one, but it's close).

So now, what was hanging on the walls here at Reata North is now unartistically propped against walls while we find the perfect places for our new stuff. Well, all except for the new pepper mill. It's awaiting use on the kitchen table.

Lovely, lovely weekend. Complete with a little too much kettle corn.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. If you like it, it's art.



  1. My kind of weekend! I love art festivals. You've got great taste!

  2. Who is that artist..? I should know, my aunt in El Paso has several of those prints in her house. Full and bright... love it!

  3. Jill, the artist is Linda Carter Holman. My poster is one that was commissioned specifically for the Cowgirl Museum and National Hall of Fame to celebrate their silver anniversary.


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