Friday, May 15, 2009


Still home, still sore, but on the mend. I feel kinda like Rocky Balboa, complete with mouthpiece, although I'm not too swollen or bruised up. So far, it's been better than I expected. I have a tendency to "awfulize" things. So I am grateful.

No exercise, per doc's orders. I have gone out and wandered around the garden which is growing great guns this spring. I got to see our garden bunny this morning - we've got some cottontails that live under the car pavilion. During the winter, we'd find them tucked under the row cover, chomping down on some winter greens. That always made me smile, after my heart started beating again from being startled.

Pebbles is bringing Barkley up this afternoon to visit. I'll be glad to see her. She said she was bringing movies and we can snuggle on the couch and watch them. I am not an openly affectionate person, or at least wasn't very much when I was younger. Pebbles wasn't either as a child, but she gets more that way the older she gets. When we go shopping or are out and about, she holds my hand. I think it's the most adorable thing ever. And her "go to" comfort spot used to be to crawl in bed with me and watch "When Harry Met Sally" and hold hands. She really is a treasure.

And speaking of treasure, Sandy has been just lovely since her return from Chicago. She's been over to visit at least once a week, she's secured a couple of part-time jobs for the summer and plans to re-enroll at the local cc. She seems much more relaxed and comfortable and will actually talk! It looks like some progress - perhaps growing up a little in Chicago was good for her. Last night she wandered in the house, flopped down on the couch and just hung out and talked. I know that all progress isn't linear, but I'm seeing some improvements there. Bick, of course, was just beaming when she left. Since he chose to put down the rope in their on-going tug-o-war, it seems to be working. He's been able to detach a little bit and it's made things much better.

He really does work hard to make that relationship work. Change is difficult, but he's done a great job of it. He's got some things to overcome with Sandy, but it's going okay. I'm very proud of him for making the effort.

Lee, thanks for the green tea tip. I've been drinking a lot more of it lately, cutting way way down on my diet coke consumption.

Tena, I know what you mean about the battle between being frugal and making things easier. I fight that battle all the time, but I think that being healthful is the right answer, even if it hits my pocketbook. Getting over that was a huge hurdle for me.

Other notes: I haven't heard about Breakthrough therapy, but it sounds interesting. I've made a list of books and resources that readers have provided and as soon as I'm up and about, I'll check them out.

Morning pain meds are kicking in - gotta go while I'm still coherent.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Better living through Chemistry.




  1. Your daughter sounds like a sweetie. We had cotton tails living in our front yard in our previous house -- so cute. Now, we share the land with giant jack rabbits who are not so cute and who eat daylillies.

    Take good care of yourself.

  2. Pebbbles sounds like a sweet daughter. Glad you are on the mend. I have wondered if it went well for you. I am a worrier too. I love your word awfulize. It works.

    better living thru chemistry indeed!


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