Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Body Image

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It's been a topic of several blogs I read, plus it's been a thorn in my side for just ever. I think it' an inherited trait - I can remember my Mom always asking me "Am I as big as XYC?"

Last night I was watching a few minutes of The Biggest Loser. It's not a show that I watch and I don't have any background on any of the participants, but I did watch the weigh in. Helen, who is exactly my age, started her journey at the same weight I did and while she's a skosh taller than I am, her weight last night put her right at where I want to weigh. But before the weigh in, I was looking at her and thought she looked really nice. Granted, she's probably in better shape than I am (but not by much). So it was nice to see sorta kinda almost what I might look like.

No gym today. Work is wild and will be for days. Followed by out of town. But I will find a way to at least get some walking in.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Find a role model.



  1. Your weight just keeps going down! Good for you. Helen is my age too. Just one more thing in common!

    I have lots of role models...good idea!

  2. How tall is Helen anyway?

    I thought her legs looked downright skinny during the marathon. I want skinny legs! But a marathon...not so much.

    Good luck handling all the work stuff. Stay strong!

  3. Great job on the loss!

    I have trouble with body image. I wear size 8 pants, and yet I compare myself to people who are in size 12 and 14 and think that is what I look like, even though my husband says I don't. He wishes I had a more accurate view of myself, and so do I.

  4. I used to ask my husband all the time if I was as big as someone that we would see on the street. He would always laugh and say, "no way!" Or the opposite...I'd see someone and say, "hat person looks good, I'd like to look like that." And he would say..."What are you talking about? You are almost exactly the same size" or sometimes I would even be smaller. So the mind can distort reality to a very large extent.

    I think we need to establish some normal weight range that is more concrete, rather than based on a picture in our minds.(For some, it could be weight, for some how clothes fit, etc). Because our minds are not necessarily our best friends and can be so critical.

    That's what I'm working on...some concrete thing that will help me recognize that I am in fact a normal, healthy weight.


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