Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, continued.

Gym today consisted of treadmill with a side of HGTV. I lost my HGTV for a while, but have discovered that the new treadmills have a special monitor that picks them up (I assume it's some sort of digital or hidef deal). Since we don't have cable at home, it's always a pleasure to see HGTV - I've gotta get my Martha on!

Weekend plans include weeding the garden (YAY!) and washing windows (BOO), cleaning blinds (MORE BOO) and washing and ironing window coverings (BEAUCOUP BOO). Other than that, nothing exciting. Pebbles informed me she was using her ff miles to go watch the Mavs play in Denver, as a friend in CO has tickets. I hope she has a good time! Sounds like a blast.

Looks like I will head to Houston with Bick next weekend, as his Momma, 86, wants some help with her new backyard. I think we are planting tree(s) and I'm supposed to create some outdoor container plantings for her. Should be fun. I've negotiated at least one night in a hotel and I'm hopeful that it will turn into both nights. While his mom and whole family, really, are very nice to me, I'd much prefer to stay away than on the fold-out sofa. But I understand Bick's point about not wanting to hurt their feelings, so I'll leave it up to him.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take the bitter with the sweet.



  1. I love it...take the bitter with the sweet. Have a great weekend. I know how you feel about the fold out couch. I'm always more comfortable when I have my own space. Nice of you to leave it up to your husband. Very thoughtful.

  2. The other day my girlfriend was really into getting to the gym. I thought that was really cool as I've appreciated her commitment to go.

    Then she actually said,"as long as we can get there by one, that's when my shows on."

    Your not the only one who appreciates cable tv.

    I prefer to be on the treadmill and just reach that zen state... and push a little more, going just until I forget my name but not pass out completely.

    Being in Zen is just the foolsfitness way!-Alan


We'll try this for a while.