Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Helen and Pre-Op

Helen from The Biggest Loser is 5'6" according to the show's website. I made an earlier statement that I thought I was in the same fitness league as Helen these days. I don't know what I was thinking - she's in week 18 (at least) of working out a bazillion hours a day. I'm fit, I'm just not Helen fit. So she is smaller than me. In addition, we are shaped differently. I carry all my junk in my trunk and on my hips/thighs. At no weight will anyone say my legs look skinny. I'm just not built that way. But even so, we are in the same ballpark and I'm okay with that.

Dental surgery (THE BIG ONE) is schedule for next Tuesday. I went in for pre-op stuff today and I cannot find a drugstore that has any of my pain meds. I cannot tell you how distressing this is for me - a highly dental-phobic patient without the ability to secure post-op pain meds. I am supposed to know by Friday if the THIRD pharmacy I went to can even order them for me. This does not make me feel calm and collected. And reading the post-op instructions nearly have me in a panic. Too bad I'm to busy to panic.


  1. Call your doc and tell him you can't find those meds. If he writes the Rx he needs to know of a pharmacy that carries it.

    Don't panic; pass the problem over to someone who can solve it.

  2. I second christine's thoughts. Doc's should know if the scripts they write send their patients all over the place. And, there is only one way they're going to gain this knowledge -- from patients.

    Didn't know about your dental surgery. Good thing you've been taking such good care of yourself. Sending calm & healing vibes your way.

    Thanks for the follow up info on Helen. I sometimes have height envy. I know this comparison stuff is a bunch of BS but I would really love another inch or two in height. It's at least some consolation that this can be overcome a bit by wearing shoes that add some height (& length to legs).

  3. I hope you can get that pain medicine. I think christine has a good point. Are the pharmacys like CVS or Walgreens? Maybe you could get it in Houston.

    The dentist is the only thing I fear. I mean it.

  4. What kind of crazy pain meds are you taking that you have to search pharmacies for....the really good kind? lol

    Good luck..I hate the dentsit too. I never go, and no surprise, I have bad teeth. I want new ones!

  5. Hope your dental experience goes well. I've been through crown lengthening/gingiva surgery. Surprisingly, I found industrial strength Motrin (800mg) more than sufficient for managing post-op owies.

    Regarding body image - in the pics you've shared, I think you look perfectly fine. You can carry your junk where ever you like.

    I hope the verification word isn't an omen - I got "hocked" this time!


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