Monday, May 11, 2009

Houston, We Have No Problems

Wow- thank you all for your responses to my last post - both in comments and email. I do appreciate the support and encouragement.

Houston, or Cy-Fair to be precise, was a nice trip. Bick is a good ol' Texas boy who loves his Momma. And his Momma and family are a very gracious group. We had a nice trip and got a lot done. But man oh man, was it ever HOT. 93 degrees on Saturday. Tena, honey, I don't know how you do it! I was able to get up early Sunday morning and take the dog out for a long walk through Pleasantville. Seriously, the area was very nice, with lovely walking trails around water features, etc. It's the perfect, safe and very pretty area for Bick's 86 year old mother and his oldest sister who is in her 60's.

We took Bick's Momma in her wheelchair to the Houston Garden Center and she picked out some plants that she wanted and I ran around behind and got some filler plants. We ended up with six large containers full of flowers for her patio. Plus Bick bought a couple of other shrub type things that she liked that her lawn crew will plant. Lucky for us, we didn't have to plant any actual trees. Her crew will take care of that for her this week.

Bick did hang a shade screen on the patio, plus hung some more pictures and generally played Mr. Fixit. Hell, we looked like a couple of Dust Bowl Okies traveling down there with our shovels and wheelbarrow and tools in the back of the pickup. Coming bak the picture was even more accurate, as Bick's Mom gave him a chair that had been his Grandfather's!

We grilled out Saturday night and had another of Bick's sisters and her husband over to join us all for steaks. I was sort of dreading that, as that particular sister can suck the air out of a room, but it turned out to be a lovely, pleasant and fun evening. Bick's Momma seemed to really enjoy herself and that made Bick very happy.

A lot of sweat, but not much exercise, save the Sunday morning walk, but sometimes you just have to do what you can. Dental stuff is tomorrow. DREAD! And as of Friday, still not post-surgery pain meds. I'm calling again this morning. What a hassle!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Find some shade.



  1. You are right, it's dang hot! And today will be another hot one. Maybe next time you come to Houston we can get together. Glad your visit went well.

    I'm sending good vibes for your dental work tomorrow. I sure hope you get your meds.

  2. Good luck with your dental surgery. Before you know it, it will be over, and you will be so glad you had it done...whatever it is...obviously nobody has dental surgery without needing it. :-)

  3. It was 103 here in Phoenix yesterday. We don't have the humidity like Texas does. Face it anything over 90 is DANG HOT. I don't care where you are.

    How sweet for your husband to treat is mom to such a nice Mother's Day.. and nice of you too!

    Good luck with the dental surgery. Hope you have a quick recovery. Sending out good thoughts to you!

  4. Is the Houston Garden Center big? It sounds big.

    Best of luck with your dental stuff.

  5. Ohhh good luck tomorrow!! What a delightful weekend, and I loved your Okie reference! hee...


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