Friday, May 22, 2009

I Love Technology

Our wireless works OUTSIDE! OMG! What a perfect day this is turning out to be! Bick is getting oven roasted radishes and braised kale from the garden as a part of the he-who-can-actually-chew dinner. Plus a yummy steak, cuz I love him so.

I've been puttering about outside, in the garden, repotting things. Cleaning up the veggie garden and generally being a contributing member of this hillbilly household.

I'm indulging in all my hippy-dippy feel good stuff today. Gardening, meditation (outdoors this morning!), spending time with SadieLuWho, replanting some stuff and I'm going to buy some sort of climby thing to climb up the car pavilion support post.

I'm going inside to grab my brunch - a chocolate-flavored meal replacement drink. Does anyone have a french fry I can lick?

Make the rest of the day as perfect for you as you can!

And this afternoon after gym? I'm watching Season One of Moonlighting on DVD.

And Bick sent me this and it's made me smile. It's QUEEN!

My life is made up of pure fabulous!


  1. Yay! Queen! Don't. Stop. Me. Now.

    BTW - blushing over french fry remark.

    Sounds like you're coming back to life. :)

  2. MOONLIGHTING... YEAH!! We have that DVD and started watching a few weeks back. It completely reminded me why I've crushed on Bruce all these years. YUMMEE!! Now that I could lick.

    You do sound better!! Hang in there!~


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