Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay, Enough of That

Dental appointment was a disappointment. I'm guess I misunderstood how this was going to go after I got my stuff out. I'm back to a liquid-only diet - no soft foods, even. I was pretty bummed out on Wednesday - plus I was stinking HUNGRY and HURTY.

I made the stop off at work after the appointment for the retirement shindig. I only stayed a few minutes, but was glad I went.

I talked to Pebbles Wednesday evening and she mentioned she was driving out solo from Big D out to Abilene for a quick meeting with a client and did I want to ride along? So yesterday, I opted for another sick day (am taking one today, but today is a get-my-sorry-ass-in-a-better-frame-of-mind day) and we rode out to Abilene. We had a nice visit. I do enjoy that child. She's in the middle of her quarter-life-crisis and is re-evaluating who she really is and who she really want to be (aren't we all? - or is that really just me?) and her new motto is "Say Yes to Life". So we had some interesting philosophical discussions about life and following your dreams and fear and stuff - an interesting way to wile away 6 hours of road trip. Oh, and I packed a cooler with green tea and pre-made soup as my provisions.

Anyway, good day with the kiddo. I do really like this woman. She's smart and funny and self-aware, if a bit flaky from time to time. She's going through a party phase right now, but I've got to have faith that she will keep her boat on an even keel. She always has.

All of this got me thinking, it's time for me to quit moping around here with this hang-dog expression. So today, I declare that I am living life like it's the the perfect one! No reason for it not to be. I'm getting ready to head out into the garden and putter around there. I'm going to enjoy one of the most beautiful days so far this spring. I'm going to read one of my favorite mags (Thanks Meg) that just arrived and I'll drink my soup and I will enjoy it! This afternoon, I'm going to head for the gym to get a walk in - I don't want to get overheated and too far from civilization in case it proves too much - but TODAY I AM TAKING MY LIFE BACK.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Drink your dinner.



  1. Good for you!!
    I so love reading your blog. You are an inspiration.

    I really liked the article by Martha Beck in Oprah. I would be interested to hear what you think.
    Have an great weekend!

  2. I'm sorry your having a rough time with the dental stuff. Now, by drink your dinner, do you mean Margarita's?

    My son and I have those great talks sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. That seems to be "our" time. He's doing the same. Trying to get going on the track that suits him. I am in awe of him sometimes by how well he knows himself. I wish I had been that way at 25.

    Have a great weekend!


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