Monday, May 25, 2009

The Reunion

The plan was this: I was going along for the ride, to hang out with the dog, enjoy the spa tub and the cable tv. Plus, since the town is so small that there are no cabs, I was also to be the designated driver. The plan was to drop Bick off at 4:15 (start time on this shindig was 4:00) and he said to expect a pick-up call before 7pm. Ha!

Bick went to a very small, very rural school in Texas. Graduating class size of 27. Of those 27, 14 showed up at the 30th class reunion. Due to the small size of the school, I think these kids were probably closer than a lot of other groups. Bick, of course, hung out with the kids from the "smoking porch". Back when there was such a thing at high schools. At my school, it was the smoking lot, and I hung out there too, despite being nerdly, as was Bick.

Phone calls came in - "having a good time", etc. Eventually, I went to pick him up around 10:30pm. Then my life became a nightmare - you know the one where you show up at school only to find out you've got a test in a class you've never attended or else you show up only to figure out that you don't have any clothes on? Oh, no? Well, I guess it's just me. Anyway, I show up to pick up Bick and nothing do the "smoking lot Class of 1979" than they come out to meet me. Me, with not a swatch of make-up and wearing my pajamas! They crawled in the truck and all over the truck, telling me Bick stories and generally trying to embarrass him (which is impossible) and I was laughing too hard to be embarrassed myself - despite the girls' admonitions to him that I was going to kill him when we got alone!

They were a delightful group and all sober, amazing since they'd been there for hours. They had laughed and talked the night away, catching up and retelling old stories about a life that only happens in small towns.

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  1. Is that you driving the truck. You look a little worried!

    Glad it was a good time.


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