Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Setting An Intention

My intention today is to be present and in the moment. I will not look for things to worry about. I will do what I can, when I can. I will treat the world with loving kindness, starting with myself. If I cannot treat myself well, then I will have nothing left to use for other people. My inner voice will be thoughtful, but forgiving.

Shoulder rehab is going much better than expected. I expected to be all sore, especially on Monday when I came home from the gym and then washed windows (inside and out). I didn't get them all done, but it was still a job. So far, the exercise seems to keep the shoulder from getting sore. The body is strange. I was thrilled to get back to my weekday gym and get a little closer to my routine.

Yesterday's first day at work went nicely. It was nice to have some part of my routine back. Today looks to be a busy one. I am attending the new yoga class and while I am excited about that, I also found out about a new water aerobics class and an exciting art class - all on Wednesday evening. Why does Wednesday have to the the world's most popular day in the summer? I'll stick with the yoga, for now.

Dentist appointment today - trying to think positive about that one. And then prep begins this evening for our Saturday cook-out that comes with carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. It's always a challenge to pull together an integrated menu that doesn't look like "this is your food and over there is YOUR food". I like to offer some choices (well labeled).

I am avoiding the scales for right now, as the best thing I can do for myself is to just get through this period of time. I need this to be successful. Besides the out-of-pocket costs (small used car!), I'd like to keep my smile. So, I'm just doing what needs doing and if I've gained (I know I don't feel "right"), I'll deal with that later. Because this is such a strange way of "eating", I've been surprised that my pants still fit perfectly.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Treat yourself with loving kindness.



  1. Ooh, I love that first paragraph. Especially the part about treating yourself kindly. I struggle with that too.

  2. It's a hard thing to learn - to help yourself first. But you can do it! Also? Remember to forgive yourself from time to time.

    And would you please 'splain how you can be worried about getting on the scale after a week or more of liquid diet? C'mon now!

  3. My dear Brian,

    My definition of "liquid diet" has been expanded to include a soft-serve ice cream whenever Bick took me out of the house!

    I avoid "carby" foods and have for a number of years, but it's pretty tough to get the meal replacement stuff that isn't loaded with sugar. I'm not used to eating so much sugar (I've now pretty much switched to the Atkins protein shake stuff) and it doesn't feel good to eat so much of it now.


We'll try this for a while.