Friday, May 29, 2009

Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.

My quest to re-rehab my shoulder impingement is going pretty well. I'm trying to emulate the activities that I learned at physical therapy at my weekday gym. There are a couple of machines, like the 'hand bicycle' that are similar, but I'm improvising most everything else.

One of the thing I did was crawl on a Concept2 rowing machine. I didn't add any tension, I was just looking for some range of motion stuff. Boy, do I love that machine. I love how it feels like a whole-body workout. And it got me to thinking about something I've always wanted to do. Row crew. Which I feel like I would have been good at and would have been very available to me when I lived in Washington. But rowing here in landlocked North Texas? Not so much. Except it is! I found a place where I can take some lessons. Now granted, there's no crew to row with - it's a single seat hull. But you've got to start someplace, right?

It also turns out that there is a local rowing club. From there website, it looks like membership is available and it includes use of the clubs' equipment, etc. I know I'm jumping ahead, but I've always wanted to try this and it turns out that it's actually available and right on my way to/from work! So all the more reason to get this shoulder back in shape. I'm wandering back into a spin class at lunch today, but I will take it very easy. I just need to get back into my routine.

Getting ready for Saturday's cook-out. I think I'll have plenty of time to get things prepped. Menu is decided upon, as well as the actual dishes that things are going into. Bick thinks that step is crazytalk. I think Bick doesn't realize how much planning has to go into one of his "easy, breezy BBQs". Ha!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Row your own boat.


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  1. Like my mom always used to say... "Your Dad thought he was the master Party giver... I'd do all the shopping, preparing, pre-cleaning, post cleaning, etc and he'd come along and flip a few bugers."

    Sounds like this rings true for so many couples!! Enjoy your weekend!


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