Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birds Do It

But apparently the bees have stopped doing it. Or more precisely, have stopped doing it in the squash. Bick first reported the problem a few days ago. After snooping around the internets and watching some plant porn, it was deemed that I must boost the sex life of the summer squash. I am now acting as Viagra for Vegetables. I tried last night, but the squash were too tired and had a headache. Perhaps they prefer mornings?

So this morning, I put on my best push-up bra, my vacation panties, threw on my summer robe and my f*ck-me Crocs, snapped on some latex (gloves) and went out to entice the squash into reproducing. I did my best (bean) pole dance. We'll know if there was a happy ending in about three days. The things I do for organic produce. Sheesh.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. I'll leave the joke to you.


HGF: peppers and onions in the chili verde


  1. A surrogate for squash sex? Dare you to put that on your resume!

  2. Hilarious post! You've created a picture in my mind that I'll remember when I'm working in my own garden!

  3. How funny! F*ckme crocs. I own a pair of those, but I didn't know they had a first name..lol.

    Here's to a Happy Ending!

  4. I'm actually LOL'ing... That's very funny. Just no smoking afterwrds k?

  5. Hilarious! Vacation panties?! And what do F*ckme crocs look like? I think I need some...crocs, I mean, lol

  6. Eff me crocs! I'm going to think of this now every time I wear mine out to pull weeds.

  7. I'm LOL-ing too! A great visual. What a funny post!

  8. Very funny - Viagra for Veggies

  9. I think I need to do something similar for my pumpkins. I am more their shape anyway.


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