Saturday, June 27, 2009

I give up

I've succumbed to the siren call of Costco. I've decided to renew my membership after a multi-year lapse. The good news is there isn't one that is that close to me, so perhaps I can stick to the once a month thing. We'll see. Until I can learn to brew my own green tea that is actually drinkable, I'll save some serious coin by shopping Costco.

For those who do brew their own, I'd love to hear your recipes, techniques, whatever. Every concoction that I've brewed up tastes, well, like witches brew. Complete with eye of newt!

I've decided to forgo the blackberry experience today. I don't need a gallon of blackberries unless I'm going to make blackberry cobbler, which I am not, so maybe some other time. Why bring that battle into my home?

Heading off the Jesus Gym this morning for a workout of some sort then I may take myself to the local water park and float on the lazy river for a bit. Don't know. Bick's working today, so I can do whatever I wish. I've got to do the menu planning for the week, plus the grocery list and then I'm off in a flash.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. If you don't want to eat it, don't bring it home.


H20: 2
Home grown food: salad fixings.


  1. I would suggest for supplies and brewing information. I particularly like their fruity greens and whites, which I prefer to green.

  2. I eat rather well from Costco.
    I stick to the whole fresh & frozen foods & the other bits & bobs that make up my eating plan. (all wholesome, none of the boxed poison) I save alot of money.
    As for the tea, I found fresh bitter. Perhaps a bit of mint added?
    "If you don't want to eat it, don't bring it home." ~~ I think we're getting it at last.
    Enjoy your Saturday!
    p.s. word verification was 'chump' PUH! lol

  3. I have a card thru work. I wouldn't put out my own money, but then I don't drink

    Blackberries are so stickery(is that a word) never liked picking those.

    I am going to lay around a pool myself today. Chillax seems to be a running theme these days.


  4. I have to admit...I LOVE Costco! My husband and I go there at least once a month and we have a game when we check out...who can guess the closest to the total without going over. We're both usually way off, because the total is usually much higher than we expect. Then we spend another few minutes trying to figure out what we bought that we forgot to add up in our minds. I guess my point is...Costco IS evil, yet we still keep going back.

    I have a lot of mint in my garden that I've been thinking of making tea out of. Your post made me think of making mint green tea. I think I'll go on line and see if I can find a recipe.

  5. I love costco. What type of green tea are you getting there? The green tea I really like is what starbucks uses.

    I was all set for another long bike ride today but woke up feeling crummy (let's just say I shouldn't get too far from a bathroom). Was still going to do the ride but then came to my senses. Seems I need to recharge today. Farmers' market, some housework & reading by the pool.


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