Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Your Ice Cream Man

While I was running on the treadmill yesterday, it occurred to me that time spent exercising and time spent in meditation and yoga are very opposite. For me, in order to get in a good run, I've got to get my mind off of my body and go somewhere else where I am not thinking about how boring this is or how much this part of my body hurts or not gazing at the display thinking "I've got to do this for HOW much longer?". When I'm running, I need to focus on something else to keep my mind off of the now and when I'm doing yoga, my focus is on my body. I just found this an interesting comparison.

My workout plan was just to get in some walking on the treadmill. I haven't pushed myself lately, as I just wanted to make sure that I enjoy the experience as much as possible. I want to look forward to exercise and not to consider it punishment. Been there and done that. So I got to the Jesus Gym and there was only one other man there. He was probably a bit older than me and he was jogging/running on the treadmill. After a few minutes, I decided to see how it felt to run again, so I pumped up the speed (relatively, speaking for sure). It felt pretty good. So that I decided to see if I could run as long as the man on the far treadmill. Turns out I could hang with him for a couple of miles. I decided to see if I could run until he left the gym. Turns out I could.

It had been a long time since I'd logged any real running time and I didn't want to injure myself, so I dropped back to a walk. For my next mind game, I needed to involve my old running buddies - Eddie Van Halen and Ted Nugent. Pebbles loaded up Turq, my Ipod, with a lot of Van Halen. And I added some select Ted. These make up the core of my "running songs". I have 1024 songs on my Ipod. So I set it on shuffle and made the mental deal with myself that I would run with intensity anytime a running song came on. Now the odds would be that I wouldn't run that much, except that I am a channel-changer from way back. If a song comes on that I don't like, I hit the forward button. Didn't take long to run into a slew of 70's rock (I wonder about how random that shuffle really is?). I got in some good sprints and I will say that some of the live albums nearly killed me. They can take a normal song that lasts three minutes and Eddie will through in a guitar solo in the damn middle of it and I was a huffing and puffing trying to get through it. All and all, a great workout.

Pebbles and Sandy are coming over for dinner tonight. Pebbles is coming over because she wants some help on a sewing project she is doing (read: She wants her Momma to do it for her) and Sandy is coming over to see Pebbles. I am making polenta from scratch for the first time today and I keep telling myself - it's just grits!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. The mind pretty much controls the size of the ass.



  1. You rule the Ipod scene, sista. What a cool way to do intervals.

  2. We even have the same taste in music. I used to wear David Lee Roth socks back in the day. LOOSER, I know. Seriously, who doesn't love alittle Cat Scratch Fever!

    Glad you liked Outliers. I get to go to book club tomorrow night and talk about it. Can wait!

    Who knew that the distance between your ass and your head was so close? but it's true.


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