Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keeping Body and Soul Together

The grind continues. Crazy work. Not sleeping well. Not enough exercise or meditation time. I actually walked over to a picnic bench adjacent to the parking lot this morning and spent a few minutes just practicing some deep breathing. I do have some fun planned for this evening. I'm having dinner with a couple of friends tonight and I'm looking forward to good company and a restaurant that I've been wanting to try. Lebonese food.

I am looking forward to the 4th. We got an invite from the Poolville Pagans to load up the dog and hang out with them for the weekend and that's always fun.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Put something in front to look forward to.


Water: 0
Homegrown food: okra, tomatoes, onions, herbs in the stewed okra. Herbs in the quiche.


  1. Love the idea to put something in front to look forward to. Great idea.

    Dinner sounds geat....have fun!

  2. Picnic benches make me a little nervous right now...

    Trying a new restaurant with friends sounds like fun. Just the break in your routine you need.


We'll try this for a while.