Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lack of Planning

Bringing my breakfast and lunch to work every day is one of the best things I've done for both my butt and my wallet. I'm exceptionally good at getting this done. When I cook dinner, I plan for leftovers for both Bick and me to pack for the next day. Last night, however, I went out to dinner. And while it was yummy, it did mean no leftovers for work today. And I didn't both to put together anything last night when I got home.

And I overslept. Actually, I didn't sleep very well last night at all and when I did finally fall asleep, I slept later than I normally would. So I didn't fix breakfast either. So here I am at work with no breakfast and no lunch. I did manage to throw my green tea in the lunch bag.

I went to Einstein's to grab an egg something - I throw away or share the bagel part of the deal - only to discover they have started (for a limited time) an egg-white florentine omelet wrap for under 400 calories. I ordered that (didn't eat the wrap) and it was yummy! I'm sure the sodium content was very high, however. Another reason to "roll your own". You get to control all of that stuff.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Planning gives a better opportunity to make good choices.

ETA pic of flowers Bick just sent me.


Water: 2
HGF: okra, tomatoes, herbs, etc in stewed okra.


  1. I've started bringing breakfast and lunch to work as well. I usually go with oatmeal, and then either leftovers like you or a sandwich. I pretty much allow myself to EAT up at lunch. Then for dinner, I just go with some Tjoes yogurt or a salad. I'm not a big dinner person UNLESS I haven't eaten all day. Oh, and I'm lucky not to have to cook for Mark, unless he requsts it.

    So far this has worked really well for me, as it used to be the other way around, no breakfast and hardly a lunch and then I would GORGE all night... I figure the less I can eat after 5 the better. Plus it's really helped me with the AMOUNT of food I've been eating. I think it's way less lately!!

    blah, blah, blah...

  2. lol @ roll your own
    the omelet sounds tasty. just had one myself
    wow, it's so nice to get flowers from your honey!
    i agree ... planning is key
    but if that fails we should plan on how to deal with not planning lol sounds like you did ok
    I love your tag lines, Roxie.

  3. Bravo on tossing the wrap. That would have been a tough call for me. I love all things breadish.

    I pack my lunch every day now, too, since lunch room is closed for summer. I've gotten really good at it and I have a soft sided cooler that keeps everything handy.

    Seattle, huh? I was thinking something west coast for sure. What's to do there?

  4. That Bick is a sweetie! The flowers are beautiful.


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