Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roxie's Lazy Guide To Life: It's just easier that way

I used to think of myself as lazy, but now I prefer to think of myself as making all my decisions in advance in order to make things easier on myself. If I don't bring the blackberries home, I won't be making the cobbler. If I don't make the cobbler, I won't be tempted to eat the whole damn thing. If I really want cobbler, I'll go somewhere and order a serving of cobbler. It's just easier that way.

The Costco decision (I am actually undecided) is part of the same thing. I went on a recon mission yesterday and found myself back in the same mindset I was a few years ago. I do not want to have all my disposable income tied up in toilet paper inventory. I prefer the "just in time" method. That being said, I do realize that there are significant cost savings to be had, as well as a big boost in quality, in most cases. My sister doesn't call me "Squeaky" for nothing, as I am known to be tight with the dollar. The question becomes can I stick to my guns and not wander all around buying stuff. As we all know with Costco, the inventory changes frequently and if you want something, you'd better buy it now, as it might not be there next week. So as I wandered through the store with my list, I found myself drawn to the very things that I'd hoped to avoid. All manner of things that would add to my "stuff" and increase my bill at the checkout counter.

In my quest to live a more simple life and reduce the number of my possessions, I've all but given up shopping - especially shopping as recreation. If you don't want to buy more stuff, stay the hell out of the store. It's not making the decision when you've just seen the most perfect thing in the history of all perfect things and how could you possibly live the rest of your life knowing that such a thing exists and that this is your only chance ever to own it? It's making the decision to avoid the place where the perfect stuff lives in the first place. It's just easier that way.

I bring my lunch to work (most days) so I make the decision about what I'm going to eat after dinner the night before and not when I'm facing down the buffet or a menu. I make the decision when it's easy to make the decision, not when it's the hardest. It's just easier that way.

So while I could save some dollars by becoming a Costco member, the risk is high that I could "blow" those savings by acquiring other stuff that I don't really need. I really try NOT to test my willpower like that. It's just easier that way.

I'm really not all this rigid, but I do believe that small decisions made routinely can add up to big, big changes. Both in the positive and the negative. I'm just trying to decide in advance if I want to expose my Achille's Heel to the lure of the Kirkland brand. It's just easier that way.

Gym time was a couple of hours yesterday. Nice workout. I didn't go to the waterpark, as it was so hot that it would have been like taking a bath.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. It's just easier that way.


H20: 7
HGF: Tomatoes, onions, squash, peppers, herbs for roasted vegetables. Zucchs shredded in breakfast fritatta.


  1. Great post, Roxie! I have the same ideals about shopping. I can be really tight with my money until I see the "perfect" thing I can't live without.

    And my mom is the perfect enabler. She loves to say "oh, you need that" when I'm longingly looking at something. I avoid shopping with her when I can! It IS easier that way. lol

  2. Easy breezy does it.
    I was just at Costco today for some tomatoes, baby cukes and a new blender. AND THAT'S ALL I BOUGHT! A miracle really and I am getting better at it.
    I think I already commented yesterday that I buy alot of my groceries there.
    What helped me was to write up my eating list and most of it I can buy quite inexpensively at Costco.
    I actually stick to the list so I'm getting all growed up :)
    It's a great feeling to finally awake ... to realize that simplicity is best ... even if it takes some planning & preparation.
    BTW,I love that you call yourself *kitten* in your head! it's sexy :)

    Isn't all of this so much fun?

  3. I don't do well at Costco either. With two grocery stores within a mile of my house, I like the 'just in time' method better, too. It does require more trips past the ever-dangerous bakery, but so far I've avoided the trappings. :)

    (Enjoying your blog immensely!)

  4. Easier is just so much nicer. It's all about choices for sure. And when you decided. After you've entered the store, it's too late for sure!

    I don't have the money to shop....that makes it that much easier.

  5. I've never been a "member," as I have a somewhat similar idea of that I don't want to spend that much on those items. Plus we don't have storage space for huge quantities of ANYTHING.

    I wonder if you went with CASH only and allowed yourself to only spend a certain amount, that way you could still browse but would have to narrow your choices to what you want the most at that time.

    I know when I go to like target, I shop away... but by the time I get to the register, I "put back" most of everything as I can't let myself afford all such goodies.

    Hmmm... it's a battle indeed.


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