Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sticky Wicket

I can, if unchecked, elevate petty to an art-form. And right now, I've got an opportunity and I'm sitting on myself not to take it. I've got my feelings hurt a bit and throw in a little shame for good measure and soon I'm in the soup.

The story goes like this: Bick's nephew (whom I've never met is getting married in late July in Houston). "We" received a Save The Date, addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Bick, although we are not married. Bick considers this wedding to be a "command performance" family event and we'd begun to make other plans around this date - wedding first, followed by a weeks' vacation seeing our favorite band in an Hill Country Honky Tonk, a few days of R&R and Bick's favorite dude ranch, plus an overnight stay at the kitchiest of motor courts.

Yesterday the invitation arrives. It is addressed to Bick only. Not Bick and Roxie, not Bick and guest. Just Bick. In my view, I am not invited to the wedding and I will not attend. I've asked Bick not to "talk to someone about this" as that only makes me feel worse. Today I would like to scrap the whole damn thing - meaning Bick can go down and do the family wedding thing and I will find something else to do in this part of the country. Which punishes Bick, as he had nothing to do with me not being invited.

So today I'm wallowing in F%CK YOU. And I wouldn't accept an invitation even if proffered.

It's amazing how quickly all this new-found peace can go away.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take time to behave like an adult.



  1. So glad to know that I have a fellow "petty club" member. It is so crazy how I can go from peace to freak. Especially when my pride is involved.

    Way to sit on that BIG F*** YOU. I am always glad when I think before I speak. Too bad I don't do it more often.

  2. I hate when crap like that happens. Some folks have no sense. There's no amount of "fixing" things either, once the damage is done. I have to say, I'd react the same way so can I be a charter member in the petty club?

  3. The difference is that now you recognize it (The big F. U. moment) sooner and can actively squish it or vent to someone (or a blog) that won't rat you out.

    THAT m'dear, is progress.

    Oh yeah - one of the books I'm reading is by Susan Johnson - the originator of the EFT workshops. Quite an eye opener!

  4. If they're "country bumpkins" surely this was an oversight... I mean who would put you on the STD card and then not on the invite?

    NO consideration, even if an appolgy comes your way? Some people are JUST that DUMB.

    I don't know... I'm such a sucker for a get-away, that I might consider still going if it is revealed as such. But, THAT IS JUST ME...

    Sit on it like you said...


We'll try this for a while.