Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been doing very well with cutting out the weekday coffee/cream concoction. I haven't even noticed it's gone. I've also been doing pretty well with cutting back on the nectar of the gods, Diet Coke. I'm down to about three a day and I've upped my consumption of green tea. All this is good. Except yesterday when it wasn't.

I start each morning with a Diet Coke, have one more when I get to work and one more in the afternoon - with green tea in between. No soda after say 3 in the afternoon. Yesterday was different. There were no Diet Cokes in the soda machine so I opted for Dr Pepper - twice. And then last night with dinner, I decided to have a Diet Coke. Guess who could not sleep? Well, if you posted a blog that I read late last night, you'll know because I was insomniac-commenting in the wee hours. I feel like my behind is dragging this morning and I've got a long day ahead of me. While I don't know that Dr Pepper has more go-juice than Diet Coke, it has a tendency to jack me well up. Grr.

Water aerobics was fun last night. A little too much for the shoulder after the first half hour, so I modified to fit my needs. A couple of Aleve last night and it all feels good today. And by good I mean the shoulder doesn't hurt any more than normal.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Power down.


Water: 2 glasses yesterday (you laugh - this is huge for me - I NEVER drink water)
Homegrown food: neighborhood eggs and green beans


  1. Diet Coke ~ 45.6
    Dr. Pepper ~ 41
    Nope, not the caffeine (I googled)
    I can take or leave the pop but I do go at it in spurts.

    I'm pretty sure the 8 glasses of water per day is an arbitrary number someone came up with & has grown to mythical status as to it's importance. I sure don't drink that much in a day especially with the other stuff I'm drinking & eating ~ coffee, tea, lots of veggies & fruits. I don't wanna live on the toilet. My pee has nice pale coloration, too :)
    I have this crazy thing called thirst that tells me when it's time to drink something. I call b*llshit on "them" saying you're past the point of needing water when you experience thirst.
    Am I ranting? sorry :)
    So hurrah! I say to your 2 glasses of H2O!

  2. I have my morning diet pepsi myself. It's my coffe, since I don't drink coffee. I don't want to give it up. I can usually fall asleep pretty fast, it's staying asleep that is the problem with me.

    I guess I am lucky that I love water, I just forget to drink it sometimes.

    Glad the shoulder is feeling better. Sounds like work stress is ebbing alittle. Good for you!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your water aerobics class. When you said it was in a "dive well," what exactly is that? I get this picture in my head of a big tower full of water and you climbing forever up a tiny ladder, lol!

    -clueless in the big city

  4. I confess to believing in magical weight loss foods:

    * green tea
    * low-sodium V-8
    * nonfat greek yogurt w/ground flax seed and heeping amounts of berries.

    works for me...

    BTW - how were the tunes at your h2o workout last night?

  5. Hey Karen, good to see you around these parts. Thanks for the caffeine info. Must have been something else, for sure.

    I just want to drink more water because, well, it's cheaper and probably better for me than anything else. I just don't like it. Whine, whine, whine.

    Dana, again, I think we are twins. I can practically fall asleep standing up, it's the staying asleep that's the problem. Give me three hours of snooze and I'm likely to be up for the duration. Oh, twins except for the Diet Pepsi - that would get me to switch to water fulltime! he


    I think the dive well is the what they call the very deep (22 feet) pool where the big tall diving boards are located - like 11 meters or somesuch. Nope, I'm not up there like some diving mule trying to hit a bucket of water!


    I'd been wondering how you are such a bit of a thing and dropping the weight. I may be leaning towards agreeing with you on the green tea thing. I can go back and look at my calendar and know when I started really trying to cut back on Diet Coke and up my intake of green tea. Weight has been dropping pretty steadily for me, too.

    The tunes were NOT to my liking. This particular instructor (I've had her for other classes) has a penchant for hip-hop. Hip hop is not so much my thing. Sometimes I wear earplugs to her classes!
    "Hey, kid, get off my lawn!" is how old I feel about her music sometimes.


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