Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take a Look at your Toes

Stacey, over at Create a Balance, wrote a fabulous series on authentic happiness. Part one talks about self-care. I think that most of us on this journey are actively trying to increase our self-care and I think it's a hard balance for women (and men, although I've had no personal experience with that one) to attain.

Self-care is the first thing to go when there are others to consider. We put others needs and wants in front of our own and pretty soon "she's let herself go". I think the outside of the body is pretty much a manifestation of what's going on inside.

So take a peek at your toes. Is your polish chipped? Do you feet need a good sand-blasting? If you don't polish and even if you do, when was the last time you gave your own feet a good rubdown with some great lotion? Do your feet look cared for?

Stacey had some really great tips on how to begin or enhance our self-care practice:

Today’s exercise focuses on self care.
I invite you to picture how self care falls into your ideal lifestyle. Assume money is not an issue and don’t worry about how you are going to get these things into your life. For now, just dream (and dream big).

Self Care Questions to Ponder

How often would you go to the spa?
How many massages would you like per week?
How much water would you drink per day?
What would your exercise program look like?
What would your eating habits look like?
What would refuel you?
How much time would you spend outdoors?
What would your peaceful moments look like?
How much sleep would you get each night?
Would you have daytime naps?
What would your wardrobe look like?
What would your time management look like?
What would you do for “me” time?
How much “me” time would you have each day?
How would you relax?
What would your vacations look like?
What would your relationships be like if you took time for self-care?

Head over to Stacey's blog for some other great ideas. I'm going to spend some time answering these questions to help set an intention for my self-care practice.

Work is still crazy busy and will be that way for the next month or so. I was working at the kitchen table last night until bedtime. Not a lot of time for self-care, but I can't let it fall away completely. Today it will be possible to get in an exercise class and I will do that.

Gotta run. Work is calling.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Polish with a hot pink passion.



  1. Not to trivialize your post, but way cute shoes!

  2. I got a pedicure 10 days ago and put hot pink on my tootsies. How did you know? Thanks for the mention and enjoy answering the questions. Cheers to self care!


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