Friday, June 19, 2009

Uncluttering My Life

One would think that growing up in a house with a compulsive shopper would cure one of trolling for objects. Turns out, it took me a long time to realize that I sort of had the "there's nothing to do, let's go shopping" thing going on. My personal weakness was housewares. Dishes, platters, pitchers and the like. Really, anything that could be used to set a table, actually. Tableclothes, chargers, napkins, and placemats spilled out of every container. The ironic part of this was that I was an awful housekeeper. Horrible. Horrific. Embarrassingly bad. And I never saw how all of this was connected. Of course it's tough to clean house when you've got no place to put stuff! Too much clutter and it all seemed overwhelming.

Enter flylady. Changed my life. I started pitching things, hauling stuff to the thrift store that benefitted the local womens' shelter. I pared down to a minimum of stuff. I only kept the things that I truly, truly loved. Now I still enjoy putting together a tablescape, but my options are more limited and I must trust in my creativity. The above picture isn't one of my best, but it was just something I put together when the girls were coming over.

I was using my big harvest table for the sewing project, so I drug out Bick's parents' first dinette set. On it, I placed my yellow fiesta pitcher that was in the house my parents bought in 1965. I did add the yellow Riviera plates before the purge and I kept them as I do love them. On this trip, I used them as chargers for my own set of "good dishes". I made the decision a few years ago to always use my good stuff. Now I don't own any fine china, as I'm not that kind of gall, but I'll use this. And when I use them up, I'll buy new. No more holding back.

The linens were a recent gift from Bick's mother. They belonged to Bick's Aunt Sister. Family lore has it that Aunt Sister travelled the world and these are fine linens from somewhere. The "flowers" were just some stuff I picked out of my flowerbed, save the thistles - I had to go to the field next store (with gloves) to pick the them. For whatever reason, I think thistles are beautiful.

I plan to hit the gym tomorrow, then, speaking of housework, hit the house. I'm sure there will be stuff to put up from the garden.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Keep only what's important.


Water: 2
Homegrown food: Turnip greens from the freezer. Onions for the fajitas. Neighborhood eggs.


  1. It looks like company's coming. You sure are ready for them.
    It amazing the energy that circulates when the house is clutter free and therefore how energized you are yourself eh?

    I heart Flylady. I should go reintroduce myself to her. I'm in a frickin mess over here.
    Oh Roxie, the dishes. My mom has the cookware thing going on. I'm books. It used to be decorating mags which is hysterical if you saw my house.
    Clutter free is just so ahhhhhhhhhhh, isn't it?
    Thank you for the flylady reminder.
    I needed to hear that.
    my word ver. was "sup gamsy" lol
    I think that translates to What's up legs? lol

  2. First, let me say congrats on your weight loss. I keep seeing that number go down!

    Your table looks straight out of BH&G! I think thistles are beautiful. I like the earthy look of them.

    I am in a state of too-muchness at my place. With combining households (my mom & me) we have a lot of stuff. Mom is also the shop-to-comfort-what-ails-you type. It's dangerous to go shopping with her. She always finds something I "need!" I'll be checking out the Flylady. I've never heard of her.

  3. Everyone: click on the photo so you can see the beauty of Roxie's table. Love everything about it. The green table & chairs!

  4. My sister told be about flylady years ago. She loves to shop and has a clutterd house. I am a pretty good housekeeper. I hate it when things are cluttered.

    I hate shopping.....that's one good thing I have going for me!

    I was noticing your weight the other day myself....

    Liked the self love post. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. DARLING... I adore the green table!! And you made it so delightful with all the touches!!

    Makes me wish I was an invitee...

    I remember you talking about flylady a few years back... I wonder why I avoid her so?

  6. What a lovely table! I hope you had a wonderful time with your girls.


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