Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day of Possibilities

I don't know how this day will go. I haven't heard any more from Sandy on the water park. Either it happens or it doesn't. I have a Plan B, A, C and K. Plus a Plan U and P.

First up, the gym. I haven't decided what to do at the gym - although it might just be a great morning (it's cooled off here a pinch) to head out to the nature trail and go for a long walk this morning. Hmm. Must remember to leave a note for sleeping!&^%$ Bick.

After that, any of the plans could kick in - returning the shirt that I bought a couple of weeks ago, going to Costco as my weekly grocery run - but I need to sit down and menu plan for the week and I'm completely uninspired right now - or I could go to the second-hand book store in Denton, pick up a trashy paperback and take my own damned self to the water park for a bit. This is a municipal water park and it's dirt cheap. The possibilities are endless. What's a definite - dealing with tomatoes. I may just freeze them and be done with it.

Still tired, but have a little more understanding of what's happening. PMS without the M. Makes sense.

I think I'll hang around for one more cuppa joe and then it's off to get some miles in.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. What's possible for you today? What will you do to take you one day closer to your goal?



  1. VERY clever, Roxie, VERY clever ;)

    It looks like women who blog together MS without the P together.
    I see you're a smidge under 150 today.
    I'll be checking in at the nail salon, hopefully take myself for another walk (I say hopefully because I've been up all d*mn nite)
    and then *nap* for a half hour or four.

    Enjoy the day, Roxie, however it unfolds.

  2. Are we voting? If so, I'm voting for the trashy paperback and any park. :)

    Have a great day, no matter what you choose to do!


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