Thursday, July 16, 2009

Down By The Lazy River

Get your earworm here. You're welcome.

Will wonders ever cease? I got a call from Sandy last night asking me to go to the local water park on Saturday with her and her visiting cousin (on her Mom's side). Now I understand that my function will be that of snack lady and ATM, but that's not even the point. She's reaching out to both Bick and I on a regular basis and we are enjoying that. We remain hopeful.

I'm still sleep deprived but am staying propped up with Diet Coke, rather than risk another coffee violation. I'm dreading today, as I'm chairing a meeting this afternoon that promises to be contentious. I stopped by the store and bought Blue Bell Ice Cream Sandwiches - I'm hoping a little treat with soothe the savage beasts. I'm not partaking, but I'm not above bribery if it will help my cause! Tempers will be short as it will be darn hot this afternoon and everyone will have to walk out in the heat to get to the meeting place, so a little something cool just might help.

Today is restorative yoga at lunch and I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been in nearly forever. It logs no miles on the Frequently Tired Chart, but it's still very good for what ails me.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Float.


Here's a little zen today from Leo.


  1. So you're saying if I leave a contentious comment, there's a chance I get an ice cream sandwich?

  2. Ok...I loved Donny Osmond when I was a kid. I grew up in Utah and can remember being at the same Saturday matinee as the BROTHERS. All of them. I think the movie was Bed Knobs and Broomsticks. Wholesome Disney I thought I was in HEAVEN!

    Love the thing from Leo, will be checking that site out again. Expect it!

    So glad that Bick's daughter is reaching out. I don't know what the relationship has been in the past, but it seems to moving in the right direction. Stay hopeful!

  3. Love your bribery plan.

    Love the link message.
    Have to practice that.

    good luck today with the heat ...
    hope the weather co-operates too ;)

  4. When I used to have to lead safety meetings for cement truck drivers, I always brought snacks - bribery at least made them not roll their eyes at everything I had to tell them (mandated by the state, not my idea). Good luck with your meeting today!

  5. You can resist Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches?! Holy smokes!

  6. Ohhh have fun, I love that place. Well, except for all that "climbing" up part. Oh, and I love your TICKER... so cute and creative!

  7. It's hot here, too. May I have a sandwich? :)

    Good thinking on your part!


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