Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fashion Show

Skinny jeans and top are from Chico's. Boots are from my closet.

My sister says "the visual line from my hip to my toe must not be broken - so closed toe black shoes with a high vamp are a must - she says the catalog pic of these jeans is frumpy, but over the right shoe, I look leggy"

ETA: She also said the jeans on the model in the catalog were too short.


  1. Freind, you are going to be SMOKIN' HOT!!

    I wanted to see pics of both ourfits (the trying too hard one, and this new outfit) and then you should let us

  2. I agree with Dana ... FireAlarmHOT.

    Love the F*ck me boots!
    like the crocs only black and spikier ;)

  3. TooSexyForMyPants! And I love the boots. You will knock them dead in that outfit!

    LOL at Karen's comment!

  4. Hot, hot hot!!!!! Great look. ENJOY!

  5. Very cool outfit - you will look awesome!!!

  6. Love, love this... That top is awesome!! I love that you're including more and more pics in your posts. Hint, hint, hoping we see some from the reunion.

    And enjoy your "alone" time... I love my Mark dearly, but I love my alone time even more sometimes!!

  7. Love it all...really love the color of the top. I do agree about the jeans being too short. I always figure the longer the pant, the longer the line and the skinnier I look. So I won't wear pants unless they are "almost" too long.


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