Monday, July 6, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Gym

I was heading out of the building to the gym when I realized it was a gorgeous day. Not too hot - and given the heat we've had around here lately, it was wonderfully cool. So instead of staying inside and working out in the gym, I dressed out and headed outside to walk in the sunshine and enjoy a not-too-hot Texas day. Was it the hardest workout I've ever had? Are my muscles still aquiver? No, they are not. But I got in some hill work, a bit of climbing through the tennis courts and through the neighborhoods and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I always opt for the exercise where I enjoy it! Yes, there will be days that I just have to "do it" - just gut it out, but today wasn't one of them. It was a great day and I got out there and enjoyed it. Soon it will be too hot to commune with nature and the gym will be my only option. But just for today, I took a little detour and I got the most enjoyment out of my exercise.


  1. Way to go ....I am jealous!

    Enjoy it!

  2. Great minds? :) I'm with you. Outside is the way to go, when it's possible. We had a cool-ish day here, too, but today was a gym day for me. Tomorrow a.m. I'm definitely headed outdoors!

    Hope your pleasant weather holds!

  3. Outside is always better IMO as well but from what I've been hearing from Tena it's been almost 100F down there somedays.
    I'm happy you had a reprieve from the Hell-weather & wereable to enjoy a cool-ish day.

  4. Nothing better than a walk outdoors. Sometimes I can't make myself go to the gym, but I'm always up for a nice walk, especially with my dog.

    Enjoy it while you can...I hear it gets a bit hot in Texas! :-)

  5. It is raining on and off here today, but we have had some great outdoor weather the last few days. Fresh air and sunshine are always a nice detour...well, when it isn't too hot.


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