Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I got a thank-you email from Sandy last night. Could have dropped me to the floor. Said she'd had a great time and wants to go see the new cooking movie with us when it opens. I ran out to the garden to tell Bick and he was as floored as I was. In the past, she's not been good at saying thanks for much of anything. In the nearly four years that I've known her, this is the first time that I recall getting an express thanks for anything. Longtime followers know that I have struggled with this part of our relationship. I'd throttled way back after I began to develop some resentment over it. Perhaps things are changing - hell, Bick got a thank you text from her Mom last week after we sent home some garden veg last week. It would be such a wonderful thing if these relationships could smooth out. We remain grateful and hopeful.

I did not get to the gym yesterday. It's difficult to get a habit restarted. But I will perservere today. I just need to get The Office used to me being unavailable on my lunch hour again. Between the dental stuff and the June Work Craziness, everyone, me included, has let me schedule slip. It's time to spine up and reassert my own schedule.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Gratitude is the salve that heals.


Home Grown Food: tomatoes and okra, herbs for the tenderloin and barley risotto
H20: I suck
MLG: I suck more
Cumulative MLG: 11.2


  1. How nice! She sounds like she wants to have a better relationship.

    Family dynamics are always tricky. Everyone has their "role" to play. I work with and observe 4 generations of one family....it's like a study in anthropology! lol.

    Graditude really could solve a multitude of problems...wish more people felt grateful instead of entitled.

    You will make it to the gym.....putting "you" back on your list is the smart thing to do!

  2. I was told once to "act nice" to a certain someone even if I didn't mean it, or feel it in my heart. Turns out, it actually made me nicer. We ended up getting along famously. So you never know!

  3. Small notes of gratitude and thank yous go a long way. Glad that she has come around!

  4. So some of what you guys have modelled to her is finally sinking in. Could be because she's getting older?
    Sometimes we just don't realize how far a simple, hearfelt thank you can make the recipient feel.
    Great stuff for you & Bick to be able to enjoy this moment from her.


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