Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Hangover

I spent most of Saturday staining the front porch. I have an even deeper respect for Brianand all his many home improvement projects after spending just a couple of days doing manual labor around Reata North. I don't mind painting or staining and Bick absolutely hates it, so I do most of those tasks around here. Bick did laundry instead. I think I won. He also smoked some fantabulous ribs. Key ingredient? Coffee grounds. Yea, I know.

It was too hot to do anything else after we finished, so we made our semi-annual trip to the movies. I wanted to see either The Proposal or The Hangover. Bick chose the obvious and all I can say is, well, OMG. I think I'm still slack-jawed over it. I was, however, royally, and I do mean royally, pissed off. We'd decided to go to the movies early in the afternoon and all the while I was finishing up the deck I was thinking about the popcorn. Since I rarely go the the theatre, I always consider movie popcorn a treat and I always get some.

I was happily thinking about my large Diet Coke and small popcorn WITH butter on the way to the movies when it hit me. My dentist said "No popcorn". No popcorn! Pissed me right off. And then to add insult to injury - Bick ordered a LARGE popcorn and the bastard sat right by me! Good thing the movie was such a wild ride. I hardly noticed the missing treat. I did learn that it is possible to go to the movies and not eat popcorn. I did learn that I am getting very old - for a large drink, a small drink and Bick's Tub of Popcorn? $17.50.

Had the Gym to myself on Saturday morning. Got in a nice workout. I was a little sore from all the bending/stretching/crawling around on the deck and I still am today. I'm getting ready to pop in a Netflix yoga tape and get myself a bit more bendy. Today is an off day for me, exercise wise.

So I'm back on with the Costco thing. Bick and I plan to be there when they open the doors this morning. I am hopeful that it won't be crowded. I'll get around here this morning and put together this week's and possibly next week's menu and throw together a shopping list. I do know if I walk in there and they have some cute patio/bistro set that I am a goner. I'm getting the urge to "decorate" the front porch/deck.

I didn't get the other batch of sun dried tomatoes done. I'll do those tonight. Oh, and the sun has no part in it. I just quarter the plum tomatoes and place in a low, low oven. Mine goes down to 170 degrees. Place tomatoes on a cooling rack for about 8 hours. When you wake up, you've got oven dried tomatoes. You can use salt or herbs, but I didn't use anything. I let them cool, placed them in a zippy and put them in the fridge. I'll probably freeze this next batch.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Hope you don't have a Hangover this morning.



  1. Thank You for posting the method you use for "sun" drying the tomatoes. Easy, breezy.
    I learned the movie-sans-popcorn didn't kill me either. The smell actually turns my stomach abit now. The *nerve* of the bastard ... funny.

    lol @ Costco. I don't know why you ever thought you could stay away :)

    "I am hopeful that it won't be crowded* ~~ dear, sweet, wide-eyed Roxie ...

    Enjoy your Sunday, Roxie!

  2. Loved Fitcetera's comment. Made me laugh. You can be hopfeul!

    I rarely get popcorn anymore. Movie popcorn is just gross. I even recieve a t-shirt that gives me free popcorn for a year. My son uses it.

    Finished The 4 Agreements. Glad it was a quick read. It is just basically retelling eternal truths. Some things NEVER chnage. My favorite was "don't take anything personally"

    Sounds like you're having a nice weekend.

  3. When I realised what "HGF" stood for, I started salivating. And Fitcetera is right, the squash/bee/sex post is some of the best writing, and funniest, I have read!!

  4. Ah, movie popcorn...when I first started blogging about my weight loss/fitness journey, I was disappointed in what the scale had to tell my about my efforts. And then I remembered. I not only had movie popcorn but I added peanut M&Ms to it. D'oh.

  5. I LOVED that movie... I laughed so hard I cried a few times. Thinking I will have to see it again some day as I prolly missed so much of it from all the laughing.

    Movie popcorn... smells good, but so not worth it to me anymore. Too expensive, and I actually think it's just the salt I love.


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