Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Gruntled Worker's Day!

My hope is that you are all very gruntled today. I know that I am and am grateful for that.

Now to set an intetion for the week:

Despite letting it all hang out on the internet, I'm a pretty closed person. I'm not always comfortable with people, and as a result, have a reputation as being cool and aloof - and not the good kind of cool. So this week, partly as prep for my reunion, I am going to work on being more outgoing in my real life. I will speak to people that I know and that I don't know. I will make phone calls that I've been avoiding. I will work on increasing my one-on-one communications.

Exercise plans today include some rowing machine at lunch. I spent some great time on the yoga mat this morning - both in mediation and in practice.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stick your neck out.


pic: The front garden at Reata North and yes, that is a bathtub and yes, that is a sink. Bick is a man of eclectic, um, taste.


  1. Well I think you're cool in a good way!

    Way to practice for the big reunion. I am a very outgoing person in real life. I make my son shutter every time I open my mouth. I'll talk to anyone too. I have been the source of alot of childhood

    Even if I do say something dumb, I figure that I am probably not even a dot on their radar screen for the day. It will really only matter to me. Although I have probably been the source of alot dinner table stories too...Good thing I don't embrass easy!

    Good bold!

  2. Well, I'm only semi-gruntled as of right now, but the day is young.

  3. My gruntle has been very dis lately - love your plans to reach out more!

  4. I thought you were far from aloof. Go figure.

    Yes, talk to strangers. But NOT the ones with candy.


We'll try this for a while.