Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi! I'm Roxie and I'll be your tour guide today

I'll be entertaining a couple of members of Bick's family for most of the day today. They are coming into Where-The-West-Begins to attend a university tour and I've offered to meet for them for lunch and then conduct a city tour later in the day. Then we are all going to dinner with Bick meeting us. I've never met these people - it's Bick's first cousin's wife and daughter. Bick spent the first ten years living a few houses away from his cousins. One is a year older than Bick and one is a year younger and so the three of them ran in a pack as children. More like brothers than cousins - no matter whose house they were at, if one got a spanking, they all got a spanking - to hear Bick tell it. I've never met this branch of the family (this is the fancy, now rich, branch) and I'm a little nervous about being "on" for most of the day. Oh, well. I've spoken to the wife while making arrangements and she seemed very nice, so it will all be fine. Bick is very appreciative of me making the effort.

Sandy (who came over for dinner again last night!) will be joining them/us for the day, so that will be nice. I just wish I'd slept better last night. Awake at 3:30. So it's off to the yoga room for a little stretchy stretchy and some meditation.

Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get in a workout at lunch. Darn it. I was hoping to break the 100 mile mark this week!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Show what you know.



  1. It's hard being "on" when you haven't slept well..I wonder if the two are related?

  2. They probably feel a little pressure too, I'm sure and I'm also sure they don't expect you to be "on" for them.
    aggghhh at not getting enough sleep.
    You'll do fine.

  3. Just be funny and clever and informative and smart and helpful and interesting and upbeat... and I'm sure you'll be fine.

  4. I'm sure you'll have fun! Good luck!

  5. You will probably have a great day - the run can wait until tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for the advice on my toe issue - I think you could well be onto something there with the shoes. Today's experiment with a size larger has proven a lot more comfortable!

  6. Hey, Roxie, thanks for your comment on my blog post about Pema Chodron yesterday. I stopped by here last night and read thru a lot of your posts. I love your last little line(s). They crack me up. I could have read a lot of posts. I enjoyed them.


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