Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Ditty About Bick and Roxanne

Two American kids doing the best that they can.

Bick is off to Houston this morning to the family wedding to which I was not invited. Am I bitter? Hell, no. Time to loll around Reata North and pamper myself. Actually, this means I get all the gardening duties and I've been given strict instructions from Farmer McGregor hisownself about how I'm to take care of the veg in his absence. Control freak!

The Bickster's absence also means that I can indulge in my fish habit. Bick loves shellfish, but doesn't love the salmon like I do. So I'll eat lots of fish while he's gone. When we're in Washington for my reunion, I'll subsist on nothing but salmon and oysters - I cannot wait. This is just practice.

Today is restorative yoga and I've had trouble making the class. Last night there was only one person in water aerobics, so I just went to the gym instead to log some frequently tired miles.

About the wedding, I feel sure it was an oversight or lack of understanding on how to invite Uncle Bick's live in girlfriend whom they have never met. Benefit of the doubt. They've got no reason to snub me. Not worried about it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Indulge yourself, but in a good way, today.


pic: 2008 Ireland, outside the Rock of Cashel. Two American kids see the world.


  1. I think the numbers are showing a drop! YAY for you...and your cute globe-trotting face!
    Enjoy the fish!

  2. Great picture,and a great weigh-in!

    I eat lots of fish during the day when Ron is at work because I like it more than he does.

    (I bet the young couple just assumed he would bring you. My step-son and his bride were so embarrassed and remorseful for overlooking a few similar details in the hustle and bustle of the wedding plans.)

  3. How come I never get "not invited" to a wedding. Not fair.

  4. Don't take it personally...for sure. Just think of all the nice alone time you will get!

    Mr. Shit's comment cracks me up. That's how I feel.

  5. Now I remember why you didn't come to Houston with Bick. Maybe next time if you come to H-town we can do lunch! (I left a comment to you on my post so just disregard it now)

    I love salmon, too. See, we could eat salmon for lunch, hint, hint!

    I love travel photos. You look very happy there with the Bickster!


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