Saturday, July 4, 2009

Me In A Swimsuit....

I'm on the left. This was a 4th of July photo from forty plus years ago.

I'm in the midst of a fabulous weekend. Our plans to visit the Poolville Pagans were dashed, as family illness on their side intervened - so good thoughts out that way, please. I decided that I would stain the porches this weekend, so I got up extra early yesterday and spent a couple hours at the gym. Came home and went to work staining the back porch. I got it done and today I face the front porch. It's much larger. But it is enjoyable work. I'm off to the gym here in a few minutes and will come home and start staining.

I also made sun dried tomatoes last night for the first time ever. It was so easy that I think I'll try another batch tonight. Cause god knows we have got a bumper crop of Italian tomatoes. I think they would make wonderful gifts - pack them in a little olive oil and add a few herbs. I know I would like to receive something fun like that. Hmmm.

I made the decision to go to my 30th reunion. I'd been on the fence about this for a while. I got some good advice about regretting opportunities for experiences like this, so yesterday I pulled the trigger. Now watch all my good work on being positive, etc go right down the tubes as I struggle with what to wear! ha. Truthfully, I'm having a touch of anxiety (and a bit of guilt about making the trip home without Mom), but I've got time to expose my strange thinking to logic and the light of day, so it will all be okay.

Bick is smoking some ribs for our 4th and he'll take the two neighbor boys off to the fireworks stand to pick out some fireworks for shooting off tonight. I'd best get cracking. It get's pretty hot pretty quickly around here.

Have a wonderful 4th.



  1. Happy Independence Day, Roxie! Don't work too hard on that porch.

  2. You look simply fab in your two piece...and so young :)

    good thoughts to the other side ...

    can you share how you sundried your tomatoes?

    whatever you wear, Roxie, wear your confidence and a big smile! you'll look fantastic!

    smoked ribs (!), fireworks, sundried tomatoes and freshly stained porches ... you are having a great weekend!


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