Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me Think Pretty One Day

I'm having a much better day today. I stopped into the library yesterday and picked up a couple of audio books for my commute. I'm listening to some previously-unheard-by-me David Sedaris - the entire box set. I found myself laughing like a loon on the way to work this morning and it's a lovely way to start the day.

Nothing much to add - I'm doing the same old routine stuff - packing my breakfast and lunch and planning a lunchtime workout.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Drop the curtain on your Inner-Drama Queen.


ETA: I try not to give the number on the scale too much power. It's times like this where I have to use my brain to make myself KNOW that my over-eating of appetizers on Saturday and Sunday was not enough to show a 2.5 pound gain. Because I don't eat simple white breads/crackers as a part of my normal diet, I've become sensitive to them. My body rebels and gives up normal maintenance activities.


  1. DAVIS SEDARIS ROCKS!! My fave is his latest....When You Are Engulfed in Flames. His live readings are hilarious!! The one about the Stadium Pal had me rolling! You can see him read it on youtube. He read it on the Letterman show. Seriously funny.

    Glad you are feeling better. I forgot to tell you that I use the name Abby Normal all the time, usually in descirbing any other weirdo I see. More things in common!

  2. I have all of David Sedaris' books and also the boxed set.
    He really hits my funny bone too.

    So glad you're feeling better in the brain!

    going to grab my cd's now too ...

  3. That is an excellent idea to listen to the books - he always cracks me up when I see him on Letterman! And there is NOTHING better than a good laugh (or 10) to start your day off right!

    Glad the CB is better, and scales suck. That is all.

  4. “Drop the curtain on your Inner-Drama Queen” Great line. I love that and plan to use it with some people I know! LOL

    You’re right about having problems returning to foods you’ve given up. I need to abstain from certain things or else I’m in trouble.


  5. Great title for your post. I'm a big fan of Sedaris. His stories about how his limited French speaking abilities get him into trouble are hilarious. Some of his narratives about his family are more bittersweet. Love em all.


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