Sunday, July 19, 2009

Planning Adjustments

Came home with a Costco-sized quantity of asparagus yesterday, so I changed up tonight's menu. Instead of poblano grilled chicken, we had allrecipe's chicken and asparagus fajitas. They were extra good. I bought corn tortillas for Bick to use and since we had them in the house, I fixed a special treat this morning - migas. Yummy.

We got lots of boring life junk done over the weekend, not a lot of fun stuff. But not every day is full of Rainbows and Unicorns here in the Land of Adults. I'm good to go for the week - I've got my meal planning done, so I'm setting myself up for an optimal week.

Stewed tomatoes and okra didn't make it to this week's menu, so I froze the harvest. I cannot believe how much we love this dish. It sounds yucky, but it is really, really good and the okra isn't slimy at all. The truth is, we could eat this just about every night and love it.

I don't know of anything extra pressing that's happening this week and I'm hoping for no drama of any sort. I'll happily stay in my rut, thankyouverymuch.

Inspired by Laurie over at, I did however, buy myself a new carry-on sized suitcase. It is my goal to pack in a carryon wherever I go. I will look at my shiny new suitcase and will think about logging miles so that I can get some travel on the books.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Give yourself the very best chance of being successful.



  1. There you are!
    Travel light, travel often.

    Just boring ol' life is good too.
    matter of fact it beats so many things crazy in this world.

    I just bought some asparagus from there too. I'll have to check out the allrecipe site.

    I hope you have a calm, relaxing week ahead of you, Roxie.

  2. Thanks to my one and only beautiful, creative and intelligent daughter living in Austin, I know what migas are/is. I don't like them/it but my husband sure does.

    Asparagus at Costco? I must check that out. We've been going through the snap peas & broccoli.

  3. The next time I go to California for another road trip, I will buy all of my clothes out there, wear them around in town, and UPS them back to myself in Texas!

    I, too am having a perfectly wonderful boring time. Just getting things done...or not!

  4. mmmm, asparagus sounds lovely as does the tomato/okra dish - yum!

  5. its that final sentence for me in every single facet of life.

  6. Still waiting on our okra to produce, but you are right. With the tomatoes, it isn't slimy and it is very nutrtious. I have to go look up migas now...

    Have a great week Roxie!

  7. Anne,

    A funny story about packing light. A few years ago two friends and I went to NYC for a long weekend. Because of wanting to see and do so much, we'd planned our trip very carefully and didn't have time to go back to our hotel for our luggage before departing. So we packed for the trip in backpacks. We had all our stuff with us on that last day. Nothing strange about that - but we went in the winter and dressed in layers. I took all my ratty t shirts and holey socks to wear as my bottom layer and each day I threw them away. So I had room to pack souveniers for the trip home.

    My traveling companions thought I was nuts, but they still talk about it to this day!


    Does your daughter love Austin? Mine was there this weekend visiting. It's one of my favorite places to eat. I've got a favorite migas restaurant on South Congress next time you guys visit your girl.

  8. Roxie,

    She LOVES Austin! Her plan includes us moving there someday. J is not so sure (he loves northern CA) but I'd consider it. For now, it's a blast visiting her, although I miss her so much between visits.



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