Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

So much for my nice relaxing evening with Pebbles. About two hours before her scheduled arrival, she called to ask if New Boy could join us for dinner. She's been dating NB for a couple of months and seems pretty crazy about him. (So much for spending time on her own since the last breakup). But that's her business. Anyway, she's pretty excited about this kid and I said if she wanted him to join us, it was fine by me, just expect us as we are - not enough time to plan, etc. By this time, Bick was one his way home and all would descend upon Reata North at the same time.

I set a pretty table, did a quick grab-n-stash through the house, ran the vaccuum, put on some lip gloss and hoped for the best. She's the one taking the risk.

On one hand, I'd have liked a bit more prep time and on the other, I'm glad she's very comfortable with bringing people home to meet us, warts and all. It's like I told her when she asked "this will either cure it or kill it".

So the New Boy - well, I liked him. I liked him a lot. Bick liked him a lot. He was funny and down to earth and sweet, smart and a little nerdly. I've grown to like most of the boys/men Pebbles has dated, but never right off the bat.

Oh, and speaking of Bick - he had such a wonderful weekend at the family wedding with Sandy. He said "she actually treated me like a human all weekend, was nice and loving towards me - and in front of my family. It's been years since that's happened". I do not know what's going on there, but we'll take it. I hope she has finally realized that her daddy loves her and only wants good things for her. He's not a perfect person, but his love and caring for her has never wavered.

So I guess I'll have to think of a name for the New Boy. My gut tells me he may be around for a long, long while.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Teach your children well.


camera phone pic of Pebbles last weekend while attending a "Taquee Prom" in Denver.

Skating backwards in a sequined prom dress. That's my girl.


  1. HI there,

    Came across your blog and thought i'd say hi! Instead of just a hit and run. :) Reading about you and your daughter reminded me alot of my daughter and i. She is 22 and does not spend much time on her own between boys herself. Frustrating. But like you said , her choice, and her life.
    So, what did you make to eat for this spur of the moment dinner ? :)
    Interesting name for your blog....'Gravel and Rust' . I like it! Jinx!

  2. What a pretty girl. The time boys probably seemed like an eternity to her...she's still!

    Sounds like things with Sandy and her dad just keep getting better and better. How are you going to get Bick back for that snake thing? Bick back...say that fast 3's hard!

  3. the time between, I need to proof read better.

  4. Things sound pretty good at your end this weekend and you adapted nicely to changes.
    That's wonderful about everything.

  5. Pebbles is so cute! Love her spark! How cool is it that Sandy seems to be maturing and that her relationship w/Bick is so good now?!?

    I'm with are you getting Bick back for the snake?

  6. Pebbles is beautiful! I remember how quickly I could bounce back at her age.

    It's great that she wanted you to meet NB. Here's some names I thought of for New Boy: Dusty, Flint, Rock, lol.

    It's nice that Bick had a great time with the family. It looks like Sandy is growing up right. There has been some good teaching in there, for sure.

  7. That Pebbles is a real cutie. Skates like a demon by the looks of it too.

    I'm with Teena - I like Flint or Rocky for the new guy. Clay even, but that might depend on how "moldable" he is.

    So good to see Bick is being rewarded for staying the course with Sandy too. The man is a saint for hanging in like he did.

  8. I guess Bamm Bamm is too over the top. Glad everyone likes him, and Pebbles really is a beauty!

  9. Dang she's adorable and working those skates!! Love her haircut...

    Ohhh i think it might be better to just every so often say things like, "you know, paybacks are a bi*ch... keep him on his toes. Whether you pay him back or not. Could be a lot of fun to just see him squirm. Snakes, in a garden... that's just mean. Although, I love his sense of play.

  10. lol @ Patty, I was going to say Bam Bam, but I thought that was over the top.

  11. Jinx - Dinner was "redneck" ratatoille, which is basically ratatoille with okra instead of eggplant(stuff from my garden), ribeyes, green salad and antipasto appetizer plate.

    Welsome and I look forward to reading more about your adventures, too.

    Dana - as to getting Bick back, well he didn't really (or at least I don't THINK so) put the snakes out to scare me. He was trying to scare away the birds from his tomatoes. But he did laugh his butt off when I told him - that deserves some sort of pay back. Hmmm.

    et al - I'm loving the naming suggestions for the New Boy. I got asked today if he could come to Puerto Rico for Christmas. Lordy, that child does jump in with both feet.


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