Saturday, July 11, 2009

Setting My Intention For The Day

I'm giving up long Saturday morning workout to go berry picking today. In the long run, I'll certainly remember the day in the berry patch longer than I would a morning spent on the treadmill. So no exercise, plus there will be cobbler. So I need a plan.

If I can make some decisions now, I'll have a plan in place to deal with cobbler. Today's theme will be blackberries, obviously. So I will make cobbler, but in very small batches and I will send them home with Sandy. Cobbler freezes very nicely. I suspect she will stay for dinner tonight, so they can have cobbler and ice cream as dessert and I'll have berries and cream as mine. I think I'll make a blackberry sauce to go with the salmon. I've never done this, but Pebbles says it's divine.

As for the exercise front, well, that will depend upon how the day goes. If Sandy doesn't spend the day, I'll hit the gym - I need to log some MILES! Houston is 282 miles from here - Tena, I'm looking at you! (If you are closer and want to do lunch or something, email me!) If she stays around, I'll try to think of a joint activity that will give us both some exercise. I need to be creative. If it just wasn't so blooming hot!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Develop a plan of action.


MLG: 2.5

HGF: nada


  1. I read your post and thought - "So that's how smart people think!" I want to think like you do...a plan...very nicely done IN ADVANCE!

  2. Blackberries and salmon are tasty together. Good luck with your plans, Roxie.

  3. Okay, I'm drooling about the cobbler and the salmon with blackberry sauce. But I like your plan to have berries n cream instead.

    I'd love to do lunch sometime! We may take a road trip soon!

  4. just checking in ... hope the day was as fun as you'd hoped.
    did you end up making the salmon with blackberry sauce?


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