Sunday, July 12, 2009

Steps: Forward and Back

The blackberry picking was fun while it lasted. We got to the farm at 7:17 am only to find about 20 other cars already there. Because we were prepared with long sleeves, we took the row of vines WITH thorns. That kept the competition at bay. We finished picking our short row and together had picked only a bit over a quart of berries. Still, it was fun to be out on a farm. The morning was coolish and there was a little breeze blowing. Sandy spent some time with her fancy-pants camera taking pictures. All in all, we had a nice time.

So it was off to the Kroger to buy some additional blackberries. We did that and came home and headed off to Mom's, home of the Pentecostal Waitress, for breakfast. I passed on the biscuits and gravy, hasbrowns, etc and just had eggs and bacon.

Next stop home and baking cobblers. We made two cobblers, side by side. It was a different method than I was used to, but it was the recipe Sandy chose. Then she wanted to make blackberry sorbet. Sorbet is a new one on me, so we started on the straining of the berries and putting together the ingredients. We got that put in the freezer and Sandy went to take a nap. (I don't have an ice-cream maker.) I headed to the gym.

I went to the gym with the intention of just logging some miles on the bike, but the AC was out at the gym. I stood bikram biking for about thirty minutes and then I was done. Came back home and poked around on the internets for a while.

Sandy slept until about three and then was hungry, so we went back into town to her favorite Asian restaurant. I ordered the lettuce wraps and while they were good, I can tell this morning that they were LOADED with sodium. Oh, well.

I'd thawed out salmon for dinner (but alas, no more blackberries for sauce, as she'd wanted to make sorbet) and then at about 6:30 she decides to go home. Kids, who can predict? So we packed up her cobbler, the sorbet, some sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil and herbs for her Mom, some other veg from the garden and she went home.

I was still full from lunch and so Bick just ordered a pizza for dinner.

Now for the cobbler - I tried it. I prefer my traditional cobbler - this was too sweet and tasted more like blackberry muffins. Bick will have some today, I imagine, and the rest of it will go to work with me tomorrow.

We thoroughly enjoyed Sandy's stay (although Bick admonished me slightly for thinking I needed to "entertain" her) and I feel pretty decent about my abilities to make the best of what I was thrown. I did manage to make a way to get a little exercise in and I ate moderately, although with two away-from-home meals, the sodium was way out of whack.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do the best you can with what you are handed.


MLG: 4.2 bike
Cumulative mileage: 6.7 miles

HGF: nada
Locally Grown Food: Blackberries!

Menu for the week:

Sunday - salmon and stewed tomatoes and okra
Monday - pork tenderloin and sliced tomatoes with couscous
Tuesday - Baked Teriyaki chicken and green beans
Wednesday - Orange Roughy and chopped veg salad
Thursday - Spinach stuffed chicken breasts and sliced tomatoes
Friday - DYOT (do your own thing - I have a CODA meeting)


  1. Is Texas really that far to go from Detroit?
    'Cause I'd really love to have dinners at your house this week. :)
    I'll even cook if you give me the recipes ...

    Sounds like a decent visit albeit short on blackberries.

  2. "Bikram biking" - as a fellow Texan, I can attest to that on my outdoor ride last night at 8pm, no less! Great job lasting as long as you did!

  3. LOL @ Bikram Biking!! I would have bailed, too! Part of why I ride outside is to at least have constant air-flow.

    I tried to post my comment yesterday, but Blogger gave me some hokey error message :)


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