Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Tour

I headed up to the gym this afternoon to get in some more miles. The AC was humming and the Tour was on the TV. It's an amazing event. The ride through the hills with the onlookers just right there with the banners and flags made me damn near claustrophobic just watching. I cannot imagine being strapped to a bicycle and awaiting some idiot to step out in front. Yikes!

I put up squash and okra today. As Bick says, this garden is like having a part-time job. It does require work to take full advantage, although I think we've given away as much as we've frozen this year. But that's fun, too.

I'm off for a bath and then fix dinner. Time to take it easy for the rest of the evening.

MLG: 5.2
Cumulative: 11.9


  1. A garden is at least a part-time job --especially in the heat!

  2. If you will just continue to post your garden activities, i can plan mine a lot better. I am a few weeks behind everything you do.

    (I made hubby some blueberry jam today with 1/2 the sugar most recipes call for, and it could have been 1/2 of that.)

  3. Patty, it is strange how we adjust to "sweet". I don't eat much of anything, save weekend coffee, that has sugar or sugar-substitute in it. That blackberry cobbler (and the sorbet - the test taste, not the finished product) were both far too sweet for my liking. I want to taste some fruit!

    Garden activities include figuring out how to fight the birds who have now developed a taste for the brandywines! We'd give them romas by the nestload, but NO, they want the good stuff. Stupid birds.


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