Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wanted: Decoder Ring

I've spent the last couple of days feeling generally anxious. I can't seem to pinpoint a particular cause and while I've applied exercise and meditation, that didn't seem to eradicate it. This general feeling of anxiety manifests itself in my chest and throat. In my previous eating-disordered life, this would be a binge trigger - anything to quell whatever is causing this anxiety symptom.

These days, however, I'm using a different skill set to get to the bottom of whatever this is. Something is out of whack, out of balance and my body is telling me so. All I have to do is sit still long enough in the feeling to figure out the message.


  1. Food was always a binge trigger for me; whenever there was any around, I'd eat it. That's why I don't keep any around the house anymore. ;)

    Seriously, good luck figuring out what's setting you off. Whatever it is, binging isn't the answer.

    But you already knew that.

  2. Are you anxious about your reunion? That kind of social interaction always causes me a lot of anxiety. It sounds like you are handling it well, though.

  3. Well I hope not but could you be coming down with a summer cold or something? I have went though three boxes of Puffs in the last week with what I assumed was allergies but somehow it seems different.

    Glad you have learned to listen to what your body needs. I'm still working on that!

  4. Maybe you are still trying to make up for all the long hours at owrk this past month? Look at us all trying to figure it out for you. We are a hoot!

    Or you could sit still and wait for that ring! Oh wait, I forgot you have MAD SKILLS. You'll get to the bottom of it, without a binge... I'm sure!

    Good vibrations coming at ya.

  5. I get this myself and have to do an inventory of my thoughts or go over situations that might be bugging me more than I realize. Sometimes it'll be something someone has said that triggered it.

    I hope you find it and are able to deal with it and move on.
    well, of course you will, but ya know ...


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